I Need Solitary Confinement!

My days and nights are so full of people that I rarely get a moments peace and quiet. I am serious. I cannot watch the television, write, or even think without interruption. The closest I get to solitude is when I do the dishes, and that’s only because someone might think I am going to ask them to do the dishes. But even there, I have little chance of being left alone for a moments peace.

Have you ever wished you had enough money for a family vacation, that you didn’t have to attend? Or, wanted to send everybody but yourself to watch a movie? I know what the problem is. I need solitary confinement. I mean I need to be locked up and left alone until I need people in my life again, to where the interruptions no longer bother me, and maintaining my thought path is not important anymore. But, even the Guards in Prisons bother you at least 3 or 4 times a day in solitary.

I had thought I would give fishing a try. You would figure there would be peace and quiet out fishing, wouldn’t you? I found a nice peaceful location. I set up my fishing pole. I cast my line out into the water. As soon as my line hit the water I caught a fish. This is not how this is supposed to work. I am a Professional Fisherman. How this is supposed to work is I set up my stuff, toss it into the water, prop it up against a tree, and then go read a good book or something while I wait uncaringly for the little bell to ring. I have fished from ocean to ocean using these rules, now I have to catch fish. So, thinking this was some accident of nature I tossed my line back to the water. “Screw this, I caught another fish. Enough of this crap!” When you catch fish, you have to clean them, and then eat them. Nope, not doing it.

I thought I would just go for a nice peaceful ride on my motorcycle. You know, wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth, and the smooth pavement beneath me. I figure it is a nice day, why not? I have a beautiful 1996 Suzuki LS650 Savage. It is a “Cruiser” that enjoys the open road. What we got was traffic, bumpy highways, and people that just wanted to talk. “Are you kidding me?”  Where is the lonely stretch of highway without a car for miles? I found it! Every other biker in the State apparently found it too. “Screw this, gotta do something else.”

I tried going into work. Nobody is in the office, I should be able to get a little peace and quiet there. “You know what I do at work? I work!” So, after I spent a few hours working instead of relaxing, I decided to go back home. “This SUCKS!”

Not expecting a moments peace and quiet around the old homestead, I surrendered to reality and decided I should do a chore or two.  A few hours later it suddenly occurred to me. “Nobody has bothered me at all since I came out to the garden.” And they hadn’t. I actually was alone just poking around and pulling weeds in my garden for close to 3 hours without interruption. “Woo Hoo!”  

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