15 Songs That Aren’t About What You Think – RantLifestyle#slide31#slide31

Okay Music Fans . . . DO you know the truth behind the lyrics of these songs?

15 Songs That Aren’t About What You Think – RantLifestyle#slide31#slide31

You have got to love the folks over at RantLifeStyle because they are always coming up with great topics and information to entertain their readers. Our subject slideshow steps through 15 popular songs of which all of us know the story that goes with their lyrics. Right?

I found it very interesting because everybody I know knows everything about everything. Regardless the topic they know it all. Are you a “know everything” about music? See if you do. Just click on the link above to go to the subject slideshow. My daughter is a “Green Day” fanatic and I wonder if she knows the story behind “Good Riddance?” We all know “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” was about dope . . . nope?

The most interesting thing about the subject slideshow, is if it is correct it shows how easily we are influenced by the stories of others. And, we do fall for some “whopper” stories. Compare your failure to know the truth relevant  to these songs to information you know about modern society today. How much of what we believe to be true, isn’t? Think about this for a few minutes. Politics, Religion, Laws, and all sorts of other things that you have been lead to believe one thing while it may be something else. Even the food we eat. Do you realize that we are subjected to someone else’s interpretation of almost everything of importance in our lives?

How many times in the past have we been told that eating eggs is bad for us, only to be told later that eating eggs is good for you. I have heard this story back and forth at least once every 3 – 4 years since I was old enough to eat eggs. And, if it is political . . . It has got to be a lie. How else is it possible for two Government Officials to debate a topic that they both are “sworn” to protect the public.

Okay, enough of my filling the page with words to make the story longer. Go check out the subject slideshow, and see how much you do not know about what you think you know . . .

One of the songs noted is “Born In The USA” and a comment on the RantLifeStyle site discusses the government’s treatment of our military personnel. WRONG!

This song is not about Government treatment of our military. It is about our population’s treatment of our military during and following the Viet Nam war. We were subjected to abuse from people from every corner of America. Signs saying things like “Sailors and Dogs Keep Off The Grass” were commonplace greetings for returning vets. The Viet Nam Vet came home to people “Booing” and such as they arrived at Airports and other locations. Our own friends and families treated us like we were beneath them. There was nothing positive about being a Viet Nam Vet then, and even less now. But at least presently, our populace supports our military efforts and personnel. Believe me, coming home to a welcome instead of the abuse we received probably would have made a lot of difference in many of the lives of the vets themselves. You wonder why so many Viet Nam Vets are messed up today . . . Thank You America.

The Viet Nam Vet is the only returning military in the history of the United States that did not return to a “Hero’s” welcome.

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