Man’s scrotum balloons to 100 pounds

In case you do not know what the scrotum is, it is a man’s ball sack. 100 pounds!

Man’s scrotum balloons to 100 pounds

My nuts hurt when my scrotum is full, and we are not talking anywhere near 100 lbs. Watch the subject video and see this guys nut sack bouncing off his leg when he walks. I know it sounds as though I am making light of this guys situation, but I am not. Actually, I am feeling his pain just imagining what he is going through. Have you ever had a “Heat-Rash” that irritates you all day long? I imagine this to be about 100 pounds worse.

Okay so now I will make light of the situation . . . It would be a far different story were his penis to be bouncing off his leg as he walked. Even if it was to big to be used, it could still be worshipped. I do not believe I just said that. I apologize to everyone for making light of this terrible situation and my demonstration of poor taste in doing so.

I would not have believed this true had it not been for the video where you can clearly see the gent has a serious problem. This is one for the record books.

I imagine this situation has caused some problems with the guys marriage, his job, and just about everything else in this guys life. It is likely very difficult to make love to your wife in such a state. As bloated as his scrotum appears, I would be afraid that were I to empty it, there may be serious problems. Can you imagine how uncomfortable this fella must be. For that matter, how embarrassing it is to have to walk around in such a condition.

Well his condition is a recognized medical condition that can be corrected with surgery and the gentleman has plans for being treated. The part that bothers me about this story is how long it has taken for the man to receive medical attention for his condition. The video says that twice he was told to lose weight. That obviously is not a weight problem. It just seems as though the problem should have been diagnosed over ten years ago and treated shortly thereafter. If the medical community did not know what the problem was, why wouldn’t they start research into the illness? Who knows, were I in the medical profession this guy would have been a lab rat until I figured out what was causing his scrotum to grow so large. Heck, I do not know. I just would have hated life were it me carrying around that 100 pound ball and chain. And without the medical community being able to cure it, I would have been quite miserable.

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