Teacher killed in front of young students in France – CNN.com

What could bring a Mother to school with intent to kill her child’s teacher?

Teacher killed in front of young students in France – CNN.com

The subject story discusses the killing of a kindergarten teacher in France. The Teacher was killed  by a parent of one of the children. Now, this simply makes no damn sense at all to me. What could that Teacher of done to that child to justify the parent killing her? Was the Teacher abusing her child? If so, why wait until the end of the day to confront the teacher? Were my child being abused in any way, I certainly would not allow my child to enter that classroom under any circumstances. I would promptly notify the applicable authorities, but my child would not be further exposed to the danger perceived.

Were I angry enough to cause harm to the Teacher, why would I even consider demonstrating such violence in front of the children. If only for my own child I would not have subjected the children to observing such violence. Imagine being a child that age and witnessing your Mother killing your Teacher with a knife. How many years will that child’s nightmares last? Like I said, it makes no damn sense to me.

How do you claim to love your child and subject them to so severe a trauma? How do you claim to even care for your child if subjecting them to such trauma? For trauma to be resolved in a child’s mind, doesn’t the trauma have to be an “in defense of” type of trauma? How is this kid, or any of the affected children going to resolve a violent murder committed right before their very eyes? Are they going to fear any parent, even their own after watching this happen?

How can any parent, how can any Mother subject a child to such trauma? People in today’s society have little respect for anyone or anything. This is not acceptable, at all. What good does killing the Teacher do? All the woman did was subject all of the children that observed the violence to years of drama, if not created a seed for trauma in any of the children’s futures . . .

6 thoughts on “Teacher killed in front of young students in France – CNN.com

  1. Also, after actuall reading that, I gotta point out that I think any parent who discovers something like that would be seriously compromised in the head and wouldn’t necessarily be thinking straight. I know for a fact that if some hurt my child I’d seriously contemplate killing them too, and if it was that serious an offence I wouldn’t necessarily wait for the Authorities to arbitrarily take action. That being said it could just as easily have been something very personal and she just saw no other way to deal with it than killing the dude.


    • She allowed her child to be in school a good portion of the day. If the teacher did something wrong I wouldn’t let my child near the teacher for any reason. If it was personal, I may still kill the teacher but not in front of my kid or other children. I really would like to hear about what the incident was over though. Something had to push the Mother’s buttons for her to go violent like that.


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