Police: Rock Hill woman tortured and sold for sex | www.wsoctv.com

These people got balls . . .

Police: Rock Hill woman tortured and sold for sex | www.wsoctv.com

Obviously not a crime for the weak of heart, setting a lady up to be used as a prostitute and using a taser, drugs,and a firearm to ensure her compliance. Our subject story tells us about how ridiculous human trafficking in the United States has become. This story describes a young woman “wined and dined” by a man that seduced her to travel to a different town than that of which she resides. Once there the woman is dumped off at another hotel where two other women hold her a gun point, torture her with a taser and force her to do drugs while they sell her for sexual use to people they have visit the hotel room. How messed up is our society that we allow these people to continue breathing the same air we do?

There are few crimes as offensive as “human trafficking.” I have known women that sell their body for sexual use because that is what they choose to do. If that is what a woman wants to do with her personal assets, who am I to argue. But, what of those that do not voluntarily make such choice? From coast to coast in America there is an alarming amount of people being forced into sexual servitude to make incomes for the people that victimize and torture them to do so. And truthfully, not a woman is safe anywhere in America today. These people con their way into your lives earning your trust before they victimize you, kidnap you off the streets, snatch you from the clubs, or bring thier party to your home. And, there is little defense from their attacks.

Were I a woman today, I would be a tough bitch. I would not trust anyone, even my best friends and family. I would carry pepper spray, a machete, a small firearm, and have a loaded shotgun secreted in my home, just waiting for some “butt-wipe” to try to put me in such a position. Sure, I would end up charged with the murder of those involved, but how else is a woman supposed to defend herself from everyone she meets? If a guy asked me for a date, I would require a minimum of three references and a note from the guy’s mother saying he was a good boy before accepting. And then, he better have a real job before he comes to pick me up in his momma’s car. Wait, why are grown men still living with momma? (Sorry, that’s a different story)

Truthfully, think about it for a few minutes. It does not matter if you are sexy as hell or a cow, if you are a female . . . Nope, our society has gone even further . . . If you are a human and somebody can get a way to control you, you likely will find yourself being victimized by some “scumbag and friends” in some form of modern day slavery. Take my advice . . . Quit being pretty, sexy, and/or beautiful. Become old snarly looking wenches with big butts with a wart on your nose and don’t take care of your teeth. Nope, that won’t work . . . They will just wait until 2:00 AM . . . ( I DO NOT BELIEVE I SAID THAT!)

Seriously people . . . Our society has become such that nobody is safe out there anymore. Please be careful, pay attention to everything, and stop being stupid enough to let yourself get trapped in such a circumstance. Remember, there is a pack of wolves with ill intent, just waiting to cause you harm.

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