The upside of Pippa’s backside

It is hard to believe that Pippa’s shapely backside is front page news . . .

The upside of Pippa’s backside

pippaYou have got to admit Pippa has a very attractive form. Okay, she is very attractive and has a great butt. Our subject video discusses Pippa’s backside, with Pippa. The controversy regarding Pippa’s backside stems from the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William in April of 2011. The dress worn by Pippa was so appealing she almost stole the show from her sister Kate Middleton, who by no means takes a second to any woman. There is little doubt the women in that family are quite attractive. And might I add, their appeal is both their physical shape and their mental state. But, we are discussing BUTTs here.

What is the perfect butt? Some will suggest Jennifer Lopez has the perfect butt. And while she does have an exceptionally attractive backside and front side, has she the perfect butt?  There are those that believe Nicki Manij has the ideal backside. For me, the backside of a young woman should appear as though a heart turned upside down. It should not be flat vertically, but have a pleasing curve outwards without being a shelf to sit your beer upon.

In actuality, I only know of one gal that has the perfect shape front and backbettyboop. And that is my girl, Betty Boop who even as a cartoon was the heart-throb of most of America almost as long as Marilynn Monroe and now the beautiful Kate Upton. Kim Kardashian does not have a pleasing backside except to the boys working the cattle ranches in the west and some of the Rappers that are seeking the “Big Big Butt.”  You know, given my expertise in buttocks appraisal . . .  Maybe we need revisit the photo of Pippa’s backside.  She certainly does look good from behind. Speaking of “lloking good from behind . . . Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Kate Upton always a pleasure to see.

It does not matter if you like tiny and cute, or big and broad, a woman likes her backside appreciated. Show your “honey” you love her . . .Pat her on the ass and say, “Nice Butt Baby!” She’ll love ya for it. I recommend not saying, “Nice Backs, Bitch” to her though. When I said it, it was met with negative results.



nikki Kim-Kardashian-Fashion-Style-32 KATE_UPTON_IMG_Models_Page_32 christinaA beyonce

4 thoughts on “The upside of Pippa’s backside

  1. Mwahaha, I like a modest ass with just enough padding to pet or play with or ehem, soften the blow >: ] Not huge, and not anorexic but plenty of meat on there ya know? 😀 no I’m not a cannible! but I do admire a good ass when I see one =)


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