Things Women Think When They’re On Top – You On Top During Sex

They must mean the first things think of when they are on top . . .

Things Women Think When They’re On Top – You On Top During Sex

Now I have had a little sex in my years, and I can imagine most of the subject story being quite true. But, I also have known some “psycho” broads that plot a guy’s assassination during this time. I enjoy a woman on top every so often, but in all fairness I likely see things from a different angle.

  • Here, you get on top. I’m tired. Let’s let you do the work for a few.
  • How about you play with your tits. The way they are flapping around looks dangerous, and presently are start to hypnotize me.
  • If you notice that instead of watching you, my eyes are closed . . . I am busty fantasizing what you looked like when you were younger.
  • So you are already getting tired, get to it bitch you aren’t half way there yet.
  • Well you gym membership appears to be working but what you need is to do some “kegel” exercises.
  • All right bitch, enough of this foreplay, let Daddy on top and hold on!

You will have to follow the link above for any of the preceding to make sense. Like I said a different angle. Usually she is tied across the kitchen or coffee table until I am done with her. Most the time I am looking down at her lazy ass while I work up a sweat. Damn, so that’s what she looks like from down here.

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