Paring Down the Rod | Resolved | OZY

There is a lot of controversy regarding spanking of children . . .

Paring Down the Rod | Resolved | OZY

Not only should today’s children be spanked as a means of encouragement to behave, but about 50% of them should outright have their asses whipped. Today’s children are the most disrespectful, abusive, and violent little turds that ever left a woman’s womb. They are! They treat their parents like crap, disrespect anybody and everybody. All because they can call and tell authorities that they have been abused if you back-hand the little back-talking, nose snobbery brats. When was the last time you observed your wonderful child when they did not know you were there? Have you ever seen how your child acts in school? You would be surprised to discover that your wonderful offspring is nothing less than a smartass, a thug, or a bully most the time. They are disrespectful to teachers, disruptive in the classroom, and often aggressive towards others as though being so demonstrates them cool.

When I was a youngster, you were able to be spanked . . . by a lot of people. The school had a special paddle for you. If a neighbor lady observed you doing wrong and told you to stop and you didn’t she would likely come after you with a wooden spoon or a broom. You could not call the Police when your father back-handed you for cussing. If you did wrong while your father was at work, all your mother had to say was, “Wait until your father gets home.” With that simple suggestion, you knew it was time to behave. And, your father had a text book move to remove his leather belt and paddle your ass for your failure to act accordingly.

Because I grew up with the expectation of being spanked when I did wrong I did wrong less. But, for this same reason I made an oath to myself that nobody was going to spank my children. Yes, we believed us smarter than our parents. Boy, if we were only smart enough to see what we were going to have as an end result of such belief.  Today’s child fears nothing, has no concern of reprisals, and will tell you what they are going to do regardless of what you tell them to do. All we did was teach our children that incarceration is the first thing they have to fear. And if still a minor, they likely won’t even have to fear that.

Well, it makes a lot more sense  to love your kid enough to spank his ass early on to correct his misconduct, than to wait until he is serving 25 to life as a 15 year old because nobody loved him enough to correct him when they could. Spank the little smartass knuckleheads. Encourage your schools to spank them when misconduct warrants doing so. And, save your child from being a smart mouthed asshole for the rest of his life. NO I DO NOT MEAN ABUSE YOUR CHILD! I mean love your child enough to teach them the difference between right and wrong, and that there are repercussions to wrong behavior well before our Justice System.

Have you even considered what our government has forced upon you as a parent?  By our government tying parents hands when it comes to spanking your child, they have forced you to allow your child to misbehave until or to such a degree that the government gets to correct your child’s misconduct. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? You cannot spank your “little Johnny” to stop his misconduct, but your government can take his life and his freedom for his misconduct. What if your spanking your child prevented him from living in a 8 x 10 prison cell? Would it be worth it to you then? What if spanking your child prevented him from treating women like objects instead of people? Would that matter to you? What if spanking your child prevented him from getting killed on the street by the children that didn’t get spanked and grew up to be thugs? Would that matter at all to you?

All I am saying is, DO NOT ABUSE YOUR CHILDREN, DO NOT NEGLECT YOURT CHILDREN, AND DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN GROW UP TO BE WARDS OF THE STATE. LOVE YOUR CHILDREN ENOUGH TO CORRECT MISBEHAVIOR WHILE YOU CAN. And if it takes spanking their little backsides, so be it. And, then tell the government to get the hell out of your family and do something about the ongoing stream of idiots elected to office.

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