6 B.S. Stories That Fooled Everyone on Facebook This Week | Cracked.com

Do you believe everything you see on the Internet?

6 B.S. Stories That Fooled Everyone on Facebook This Week | Cracked.com

It is amazing how people of all walks of life believe something true just because they saw it on the Internet. I am not talking about the uninformed, the uneducated, or the stoned out of their minds. No, quite the opposite. Educated, knowledgeable, and sober people believe the most ridiculous story they hear of, just because it is on the Internet.

How does a bogus story make it to headlines on the Internet. The subject story discusses 6 such stories that fooled everyone on facebook recently. You see, many of the sites (Including this site) that people read suffer from failure to do true journalistic research. While on the other hand, sites of true journalistic research often just tell lies or angle their story to support their political agenda. The truth is, the News Media has for many years suffered a lack of ethics choosing to put even the most ridiculous stories to print without checking the story out.

Is this a real problem? Consider a situation in which a false report causes the Nation to react. Kind of like crying wolf if you remember the fairytale. Regardless, the Nation reacts. The problem is, we are a Nation of sheep. We believe what the media presents, and then believe what our peers, employers, or public official tell us we should believe. It easily becomes a circle of lies that dupe a Nation into believing in it. You can see it all around you. Take politics; A bill is written and we vote to make it a law. But before we do so, politicians take different sides on the issue both telling you why, or why not to support it. Half the Nation believes one bullshit opinion while the other half of the Nation believes a different bullshit story. The result is, the uninformed Nation votes on bullshit.

It is the same with media stories. Social Media  makes for a very fast distribution of bullshit. And, we suffer from a lack of real skepticism of what we read. First, if you see it first on social media, even if from a noted responsible source, may be bullshit. The need of responsible media to be the first to break a story causes them to jump to break the story without checking the story first. Not all responsible media reacts this way. But, who do you believe . . .

The media feeds our lives with the information that we conduct our lives by. Think of how simple it is to create civil unrest in this Nation with just a headline. Racial disparity is constantly attacked by people looking to create racial disharmony in furtherance of their own agenda. Other political issues meet with the same type of misleading information in furtherance of someone else’s agenda. So, who can you trust? Nobody . . .  

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