I Am So Pissed, Dropped My Bike Yesterday . . .

ls650This is likely not a big deal to most, but to me dropping my motorcycle is a major disaster. Let me tell you about my mishap.

It was decided that it was necessary for a store run to be made. I usually make such store runs. Well today’s store run was primarily for animal food. Dog food, cat food, both wet and dry were on the list. Well, I drive a motorcycle, and yesterday was the first time in over a year of carrying the groceries on a motorcycle that I dropped my bike while doing so.

I had picked a 32 can box of Friskies Cat Food, a 12 can box of Ol Roy Dog Food, a 25lbs bag of Ol Roy Dry Dog Food, a 25lbs bag of Friskies Dry Cat Food, a 28 bottle case of Alhambra Bottled Water, and a 40oz bag of York Peppermint Patties. The weight was easily manageable. The bags and case of water fit well together and I packed the other items in a duffle bag that I laid across the top of the stack.

There was only one serious failure to my load, everything was heavy, but most everything was also slippery also. So after rounding the first curve on my way home it was necessary to pull over to the side to redistribute my load as even with my bungi cords stretched as thin as rubber bands, my load had begun to slide sideways off my bike.

After my redistribution of the load I was fairly confident the load would travel . . . Until the second reds-light where the load slid forward and right dropping all the way to the ground. There I am trying to gather all my dropped stuff and get it back on my bike blocking the left turn lane at one of the busiest red lights in San Leandro, CA and right behind me is this jerk that breaks out his cell phone and starts taking video of the incident. (Prick!)

Well got it piled on again and made it less than a block further down the road when I felt the load sliding again, so I pulled over to try again. I took the whole load down and started repacking the load. As I pushed part of the load forward, the bike moved just enough to collapse the kick stand, and no matter how hard I tried to shove myself between the bike and the ground, I could not stop it from going down on her side. Shit, Shit, Shat!

That’s it, now I am pissed! I roll her back up onto her kick stand stack it all again except for the duffle, and pull the bungi cords so tight they looked like guitar strings making the load appear as though it would slice itself in half rather than fall again. Then I set the duffle up on the fuel tank so it rode across my knees as I drove, put my baby into gear and told her everything was going to be okay and finished the ride towards home.

I did not even put a scratch on my fuel tank, resulting from the dropping of my bike. I did however, do some damage to my wind-screen. Under the circumstances I consider myself fortunate. But, I am still pissed about the situation ever having occurred. I will have to develop better cargo handling for the future. So far my best plan, is to call a taxi to carry my grocery load home from now on . . .

Hey, if you see a good-looking older fella driving a 1996 Suzuki LS650 Savage, yellow with flames, it is likely me. Feel free to wave or say hello as I pass . . .

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