Seldom Does Life Allow Balance . . .

Most people like to seek balance in their lives. You know, time at work vs. time off, exercise vs. couch potato, casual partier vs. drunkard, and I can add more but I believe you get the idea. So, we try to seek that balance that allows us to do what we need to while doing what we want to. The problem is life seldom allows us to achieve such.

It seems like every time that balance achieved, life comes along and throws a monkey wrench in the works screwing everything up for us. You know what I mean. You discover that you have achieved balance, then you get sick. Or just when you feel that balance, someone dies, or you suddenly discover your ol lady’s left you for the gardener’s nephew, or you need a new water pump. Again, I could continue with these examples, but you understand what I mean.

So, why even attempt to find balance? There is a lot to be said for chaos and confusion. Both are excuses for lack of balance. I mean, look at it this way . . . Every time you achieve balance something screws it up, so by achieving balance are you responsible for the subsequent issue that causes your imbalance? They call that a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is where you do not believe enough in yourself enough to believe you can succeed, that you actually cause your own failure, but that is not actually what I am talking about.

I am talking about how life now a day, just has so much in the mix that you cannot control all of the things that life throws your way. No, I do not mean there is a dark cloud following you around. I just think that life itself has become so complex in the world around us that sometimes shit just happens causing un-necessary interruption of the tranquility we believe we have surrounded ourselves in.

The problem is not the imbalance, but the belief in balance in the first place. In order to overcome the imbalance one has to recognize and accept, shit happens. Once you accept “shit happens” into your life and give it it’s own place within your life you can work around it. I guess what I am saying is, seek balance but include the “shit happens” variable as part of your balance equation. That way when you are riding along the smooth highway of life and hit a pot hole, you just take the bump in stride and keep riding along. Remember shit can happen without you stepping in it.

I have no idea if any of the aforementioned makes any sense. I just know that no matter how wonderful your life is, sooner or later something will happen to cause turbulence to your life. And, you do not even have to do anything for it to happen. What you do have to do, is control the impact this event causes for you, or to you.

Keep in mind, anything that happens to you has likely happened to others. So, you are not so special that it only happened to you. Everybody survives a relative that has died. Everybody gets to experience a love lost. All of us face and hopefully survive some sort of abuse. Few of us make it through life without making mistakes. And, nobody survives life itself. We all die sooner or later.

So what can you do? Live your life being the best person you can be. Do your best to survive life for as long as you can without causing harm to others, and never forget that seldom does life allow balance. Accept it, expect it, and deal with it.

And if you are one of those people that constantly creates an imbalance in the lives of others . . . Would you please knock it off!

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