When Is It Acceptable To Hit A Parent?

Today’s young are a disrespectful lot to begin with, but are they really so disrespectful that they could find it acceptable to hit their parent? From not getting their way temper tantrums, to full blown rage children are under the impression that it is okay to hit their parents, grandparents, and other elders in the family.

It will always be acceptable for a parent to slap their child, even into adult-hood if the child offends the parent or their conduct warrants such, but it will never be acceptable for the child to slap the parent regardless of any reason.

This is respect. Sure your young ass can probably beat your mother down real easy, but respect says you take the slap and apologize for whatever you did wrong. To raise your hand at a parent, something seriously wrong must be happening, and even then restraint is the wiser choice. Some of you youngsters may even be able to take on your father, but you will likely have to find a place to live elsewhere fairly soon because no father will tolerate such from a child. I should probably not say “no father” as there is likely some wimp out there that will allow it and your cuckolding him will probably be the next step in abuse of him. Your mother may take exception to that however. Who knows, maybe it will be your mother that teaches you respect.

Abusive acts towards grand-parents and elderly parents is “elder-abuse” and these people are of such age that they generally cannot defend themselves from a youngsters aggression. This is another “respect” issue. The last thing you should do is assault or batter an elderly relative. Out of respect alone, you should tolerate their moodiness, their lack of hearing or sight, and their needs for help. You should make every effort to be respectful to the elderly and if you are smart take the opportunity to learn from them.

No, I did not get beat down by one of my children. I was doing research for an article unrelated to this topic and ran across a number of incidents that made me question if our young know what respect is.

2 thoughts on “When Is It Acceptable To Hit A Parent?

  1. I disagree completely that the fact that society to some extent still thinks it’s ok for a parent to slap a child and not the converse can be justified by an argument towards respect, if respect is the only reason a child should not slap a parent is because of respect what does that say about parents who slap their children, the obvious answer is that they don’t respect them. no-one should be given respect just because they are older or in a position of power, all people should be given respect because they are people and the same amount of respect should be shown to all people. There is a very good argument that goes something like, all smacking or slapping teaches children is that when you are unhappy with the way someone is behaving it’s ok to use violence, given that is it any wonder that children who are slapped learn that if they are unhappy with the way their parents are behaving they should hit them.
    I’m looking for answers to this an any other ethical questions at http://crowdsourcereligion.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/day-3-progress/ feel free to join in the conversation.


    • I am sorry my friend, but you have it all wrong. When a parent smacks a child, it is as a corrective action. When a child smacks a parent it is battery. I am not talking about abuse which is a whole different issue.

      When I was young we got spanked. I gr3ew up saying nobody was ever going to spank my child, my whole generation was anti-spanking. And, look around you today. You have children that fear nobody and do not face any corrective action until they are sent to jail.

      Both you and our Government telling us not to spank our children. A spank that may have corrected the child’s behavior is not performed so the first time the child actually has to face correction is with the Department of Corrections.

      This Country is full of people that puff their chests out and talk real loud and aggressive because they do not think anyone will take them to task for their conduct. Why? Because they do not have to fear anybody so they can be as offensive as they want and get away with it. Sooner or later they come across the wrong person and they end up hurt because they do not know how to treat people respectfully.

      The concept of showing respect for one’s parents, grandparents, or other senior family member is simply proper upbringing. Granted there are parents that do not deserve much in the way of respect, but if they did nothing more than worked a full-time job to put food on your plate for 18 to 21 years, you owe them that much respect.

      If your parent did not abuse you in any way, only spanking you when you did something wrong, why would you think it okay for you to hit your parent? I believe if you do a little research, the children that have not been subjected to spankings are the one’s with the most behavior problems. The first time I back-talked my father, was the last time I did so. And, all it took was my father backhanding me one time. How often do today’s parents get back-talked to? All the time.

      My generation was wrong, you are likely the result. Do you show respect to a Judge, a Policeman, or an elderly passerby? I do. I may not agree with anything they have to say, but I still demonstrate politeness and respect.

      And I am sorry, but any child that raises a hand to their parent except in true self defense is an asshole.


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