Alameda County: Deputy interrupts "bloody" beating, shoots and kills suspect – San Jose Mercury News

If you have never lived where helicopters fly above your house for hours at a time, move to my neighborhood.

Alameda County: Deputy interrupts “bloody” beating, shoots and kills suspect – San Jose Mercury News

After spending the first half of the day at a local building department to obtain a Building Permit, I did what any intelligent human being would do and went home’ laid down on the couch, and prayed my headache would go away quickly. I awoke right at the beginning of the subject story, to the sounds of sirens wailing and engines screaming as local law enforcement raced to the incident.

If you live in a gentler part of the world than I do, it is likely you will never have such experience. I live just above the #580 and #238 highway interchange, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Between accidents at the interchange and law enforcement activity, you get used to hearing helicopters flying low overhead quite often. As I also have a park with sheriff’s sub-station as a neighbor, the sounds of police car engines screaming to and from the area is also a common event. Hearing screams in the night and gun shots is not really common here, so it is not as bad as some neighborhoods.

In the subject incident, at the end of the block there was a man that was beating the hell out of a woman believed to be in a relationship with him. He was beating her severely when the first officer arrived. So severely that the officer dropped his motorcycle to the ground to engage the man. The officer fought with the man for a short time and then as necessary shot him. I do not feel sorry for the fella at all. If a woman has made you so angry that you have to beat her, you either leave, or you leave. But, you do not stay around her to engage in such a violent act. Not that the beating is not deserved, just that it is likely a poor decision if you do so. I am not suggesting it ever acceptable for a man to beat a woman. I am just saying that even if you think the beating is justified, doing so is never acceptable. Leave the woman. Separate yourself from the anger. Keep you out of a situation in which there is no winner.

Violence rarely provides the result you wish to acquire. People seem to distrust you subsequent to such and that usually allows them to fear you. From the second fear is brought into a relationship, the relationship is doomed. From that point on the abused, if only in the back of their mind, thinks of escape from you and/or getting even. Sooner or later even the person that truly loves you will become a different person. Hopefully a person not afraid to take a baseball bat to your head while you are sleeping as they run out the door to somewhere safe from your violence. (Disclaimer: I in no way support the use of violence except as necessary for self defense or defense of others.)

With each passing day our society seems to fall deeper and deeper into violence as a way of life. The problem with this is the animal that is part of all of us grows stronger, while civility suffers. World-wide there is far too much loss of civility. There is far too much suffering. The struggle to make it through the day while remaining true to your ethics and integrity has become harder and harder and a challenge to most men. And, the failure of society to provide the ability for all to succeed, instead of only the few, leaves many wondering why we try so hard. The only pay-off life provides is a final rest without fear that our good out-weighs any wrongs we have committed. Myself, I would much rather be remembered as a fair and honest man, rather than otherwise.

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