Everything Is Just Ducky Around Here!

IMG_20140718_223731[1]I am dead serious, just DUCKY! Or, should I say Ducklings? Because I am an idiot there are two ducklings that believe either of two women their mother. And, they go nuts whenever at least one of them is not near. This leaves us listening to the “sound of quackers” all day and all night long with periodic sounds of silence.

I am damn glad I do not have to be there all the time, as I would go nuts listening to it. I won’t go into great detail but I ended up with this pair of ugly ducklings recently. I gave them to a gal and her daughter. Both women started playing Mommy to the miniature fowl to such a degree that they not only follow them everywhere, but if the duty mommy leaves their immediate sight, they commence to “peeping” so much that I have called the local Chinese Take Out for “orange sauce.”

Talk about annoying. In the morning, either of the ladies take the little peepers out to the garden and spend about an hour gathering worms for their dietary pleasure. Keep in mind they already have a “duck mash” for ducklings in their possession. The worm outing is just because the ducklings like it. And they eat like, well ducks.

Actually it is funnier than heck watching these little ducks following each of these women just like a duckling does the duck mother. You know, ducks all in a row and such. The ducklings presently have to sleep in the house in a small box because they won’t stay quiet when left outside without either of their mommy’s.

Let it suffice to say, I am living on a thread with these gals and I have lost some of my appeal to them since dropping off the little quackers. Both ladies have threatened to chain me in the yard so I can play daddy duck while they get a decent nights sleep. And to top it off, they is damn ugly ducks. I mean they is damn UGLY! There is little doubt that as the ducklings mature and learn to fly, that they will do so in search of a watering hole of significance to make their home. Until then I guess I better not hang around the gals place very much . . .

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