Penis Odor | Men’s Health

Now here’s a subject I am sure you are going to like . . .

Penis Odor | Men’s Health

Ladies, how do you tell your man his dick stinks? No, not like another woman, but like he has been trolling the local dump.  Most any uncircumcised man can admit to dick stink every so often. This is mostly a problem for men not circumcised as junk collects under the foreskin and then seems to ferment and grow. ( Can you just visualize that in the back of your mind?) Yes, those foreskins are incubators for bacteria and other little nasty smelling things.

Our subject story tells us how to reduce any odorous problems we may have with our penis.  My best advice is wash and dry that little stinky before you think of engaging in anything that will disclose your stink. It just doesn’t start smelling immediately. The Oder is like something left in the refrigerator, growing in mold and stink over time. If you smell nasty when you handle it, it6 will smell real nasty to someone else. So wash and dry that thing.

You know I find it hard to believe that this topic even needs discussion. If you are walking around with a nasty smelling penis, please do the respectful thing and be at least homeless. Didn’t your parents, school Health Class, your coach, or the Military tell you about this? Damn, go wash your dick! My Lord, am I for real or what?    

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