Dad’s 911 call: I’ve beaten up my son’s assailant –

What would you do if you walked into your home and caught your babysitter molesting your child?

Dad’s 911 call: I’ve beaten up my son’s assailant –

While I appreciate the father’s actions, parts of this story have not been adequately revealed . . .

In the subject story, the father comes home to find an 18 year old man molesting his 11 year old son. The father beats the hell out of the 18 year old and calls the cops telling them that he had done so, send officers to pick him up. He went so far as to tell the police that he left the 18 year old unconscious in a puddle of blood for them to pick up. So far the story works just fine for me. And based on the subject story, the police support the father’s actions.

I just have a couple questions . . .

At one point the father says something about loving the 18 year old until this incident. This leads me to believe there was some sort of relationship between the father and the 18 year old or the family and the 18 year old?

At another part of the subject story it lead me to believe that the father had returned to his apartment late in the evening to discover this incident. Was the 11 year old home alone and the 18 year old enter the home without consent? Was the 18 year old baby sitting the 11 year old? How did the 18 year old gain access to the 11 year old?

Then at the end of the subject story it reveals that the 11 year old told authorities that the 18 year old had been molesting him since he was 8 years old. Do you mean to tell me that there was no indications an inappropriate relationship existed between the 18 and 11 year old?

The facts are, somebody can be molesting your child under your roof and you never see any indications of anything wrong. You child can be sexually molested and you may never hear about it at all. The child may just live with it a secret to themselves. If you do not catch the situation in the act as this father did you may never know unless you have such a relationship with your child that they know they can come to you about anything without fear of reprisal when doing so. Most parents never have such a relationship with their children. Most parents that believe they do, don’t. And, most children are not mature enough to work around how to tell when something like this happens. But, there are usually some signs if you pay close attention.

I normally do not plug somebody else’s site in my articles, but this may be a good exception. There are many web sites that discuss how to determine if your child has been molested. If you are concerned or just want to know, try this web site for more information: If that site does not satisfy your needs, Google it, there are lots of sites with a wide variety of information.

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