This Is What It Would Look Like If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls – Video Dailymotion

When I first saw this, I had no desire to even consider discussion of the topic, But, then I thought of all the times some bitch pulled up beside me while walking down the street and tried to pick me up. I tell you, these whores treat you like a piece of meat. You can feel the way that look over you, it is disgusting. What I hate the most is when they try to guess you penis size  when you walk by. Ladies, shoe size does not have a damn thing to do with penis size.

I could not help it. The subject video starts off a little boring. But, imagine a woman actually talking to you like that. I am sorry, I am a SLUT! Woman come playing that game with me . . . People from miles away would be talking about how much of a slut I am for the women.

Women are becoming a little more aggressive outside of the bedroom, and those with the confidence to do so are a little more aggressive in the bedroom. But seldom do you have to contend with women as aggressive as these gals. ( I think it is a funny video!) But, you have to remember . . . Men, you fall for gals like this they just want you for one thing. When they are done with you, they will leave you. And, it takes very little for you to acquire a poor reputation as a man that has been around the block more times than Yellow Cab.

( Okay, so I had fun with it! Gimmie a break, already!)

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