Actually, today sucking started yesterday. Let’s start there. Yesterday afternoon I went to pick up some money owed to me on my motorcycle. On the way back I stopped at the bank to deposit the check. I went through the drive through versateller, shutting down my motor while using the ATM machine. When I was through with the ATM I tried to start my motorcycle, and it didn’t. Those that own a motorcycle know this feeling. It is not like your car broke down or your child got run over by a bus. It’s like a part of you has been ripped straight out of your chest leaving you an emotional wreck. Wait a minute, that’s how it is supposed to feel when your woman leaves you. Well your motorcycle not starting feels worse.

Anyway, being reasonable about the situation I let it set a minute and then tried her again. Nothing! Then I started asking people for a “jump-start” which did not work out with the first 25 people I asked. Then I asked a couple of guys that were at the bank walk up versateller if they had jumper cables and could they give me a quick jump. Now, here is a couple of guys with their family out for a Sunday afternoon and they agreed to help me. 30 minutes and repeated attempts to jumpstart my motorcycle later I still was not able to get her running. One of the guys said “Let’s push start you.” It worked! As a matter of fact, she fired right off and ran fine all the way home.

I got her home and thinking it was nothing more than a battery issue, promptly put my trickle charger on her to ensure she was ready to roll to get to work today. Guess what? She would not start. Oh no! What am I supposed to do now? So I tried sweet talking her. I tried love talking her. I tried sex talking her. Nothing worked. Oh, I also tried jump starting her some more. I texted my boss, said I would be there in an hour. An hour later I texted my boss, said we would have to reschedule my work for today, tomorrow.

I then spent the whole day trying to figure out what the problem was with my sweetheart, my significant other, my ride. I know, you would think I am discussing my woman again. Yeah right, like a woman could hold a candle to a motorcycle. I determined she needed her starter replaced. Yeah right again, like you could ever figure out a woman in such a short period of time. Well my bike is an older gal. She is a 1996 Suzuki LS650 Savage, bright yellow with flames on her tank, and she is beautiful. But, difficult to get parts for. Most parts require a few days to be shipped to me when I need something new for her. This causes another dilemma.

How am I supposed to get to work, and do my work, without my baby? I use my motorcycle all day driving around the Bay Area going from government office to government office. I cannot be without my motorcycle! Solution Sun A friend of mine has a used Honda CX500 motorcycle he is trying to sell. But, now I have to get from my house to his shop to see him about it. My neighbor was very cooperative in giving me a push start. I got to my friends shop, he was not there. His shop was closed up tight. I drove back home. A few hours later, again with the cooperation of my neighbor, I went to my friends shop again. He was not there, the shop still locked up. I asked the guys working in the shop next door about my friend. My friend was upstairs in a different part of the building.  I found my friend.

My friend’s CX500 needed a battery, so we went and bought one. We returned to his shop and set up and charged the battery for use. Then after riding his CX500 I determined that I would have to change the handle bars or risk certain death. He had it set up as a “café racer” and the only racing my old ass does is to drive between the lanes during commute hours, and I damn sure was not ready to lean that far forward to do that. So, we changed the handle bars, and I took his bike home to use until my parts could be acquired.

But wait! My baby is still at his shop. He runs a busy automotive shop, and “no” he does not have storage room for my baby. As I could not find an available ride, I took a cab to his shop, picked up my baby and returned home. It is 9:30PM now. I am tired. I am hungry. And now, I am having an affair with a CX500. I didn’t know she would feel so good between my legs. I didn’t know she was going to purr like that to me. I wonder if they will get along well together . . .  

2 thoughts on “TODAY SUCKED!

  1. A motorcycle rider’s nightmare……your gut just sinks when you press the start button and nothing happens….brain starts racing trying to troubleshoot.


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