Watch robbers get a beat-down

This is the America I want to be part of . . .  Seriously!

Watch robbers get a beat-down

Our subject video shows us some bad guys getting their anatomy kicked rather well by a couple guys at a gas station being robbed. The specific details can be learned from the video by clicking on the link above.

This is the kind of America I want to live in, the kind of America I want my children to live in, the kind of America that we should all want to live in. I know some of you may disagree, but I do not like the idea of criminals and bullies getting away with the abuse to others. We have modified our laws to protect the bad guys while the good guy loses most of the time. Even when the good guy wins, he still loses in one way or another. The good guys need to stand together more often and take action worthy of mention every time there is a bad guy doing his chosen trespass. It sure would be a much better place to live were such the case.

A recent incident in which an 80 year old man shot a gal claiming to be pregnant as she fled from the man’s home after she and her crime partner beat the old man while robbing his home is a good example of where our society is failing to protect themselves, instead protecting the bad guy. The District Attorney may file charges against the old man because the woman was fleeing and no longer posed a threat to the old man. The part of this story that brought the story nationwide coverage is that while fleeing the woman claimed to be pregnant and the old man shot her anyway. She was not pregnant. But, she was fleeing and possibly no longer a threat to the old man. You may not see the situation the same as I do, but I find the old man’s shooting her justified.

I see the probability that this woman has already committed a violent felony by the attack on the old man. Had she of escaped, she likely would have committed additional felony crimes, possibly harming other people. So, why is shooting this woman considered at all wrong? We take far too much crap off of people now a day, that we should not be expected to tolerate. But, our laws and Politicians seem to want us to take the abuse and the financial losses like it does not matter to us. BullSh*t, we are not doing the wrong. So, why do we have to put up with the abuse from the criminal or our government? Why should an 80 year old man be robbed after being beat down by a man and a woman have to worry about shooting one of them when he has first hand knowledge they committed a felony in his presence? Who gives a damn if they were running away from the old man and may not have posed any further threat to the old man? They were still a continuing threat to society regardless which direction they ran.

I have little doubt that had they of escaped, they would have committed additional violent crimes. I have little doubt that they would likely harm others. I have little doubt that the shooting by the old man put an end to this threat. And, that is the America I want to live in. I want us to be able to take action against those that intentionally bring harm towards us, and do so without fear of reprisal from our government. I want us to stand up to these bullies and beat them down until they no longer pose a threat to anyone. I want 80 year old men to be able to say “Fu*k You, I do not have to let you run away after beating and robbing me. I want my children to grow up with the knowledge that if they commit such an act, they can be harmed immediately  by their victims. I want the neighbor kid to know that if he breaks into my home and then commits an act of violence, I do not have to let him run away, that I can kill his rank little ass right there as he flees.

I want to live in an America where the bad guy loses, and the good guy doesn’t have to worry about helping the bad guy lose . . .There comes a point where one has to accept it their personal responsibility to act accordingly and failure to do so means we do not have to let you run away to hurt someone else the following day.

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