Are We Living In A fiction Novel?

Listening to the media recently has me convinced that a well known fiction writer has written the world into his next novel, and we are about to experience a serious compromise of our society in the form of a rabid spreading deadly virus, without known cure. This is not as far fetched as you may think.

The “Ebola Virus” in Africa has killed over 400 people recently and over 800 are known to have been infected with the virus. Presently there is no cure and you may become infected with the virus and not know it for up to 21 days, it’s incubation period. Even worse than that, you can carry the virus with you, exposing and infecting others during the 21 day incubation period and nobody know until you suddenly fall ill.

Give this a moments thought . . . You can be in Africa today, at any airport and pass by a stranger who coughs into his hand and then puts his hand on a handrail of an escalator. You passing from the other direction somehow touch your hand to that handrail and a moment later for some reason wipe you face with that hand. Before you leave the airport flying to whatever country you are heading to, you hear sirens of ambulance and other emergency personnel responding to the airport as a “traveler” has fallen ill .While flying from Africa to wherever you are heading, you stop at multiple airports catching multiple flights to your destination. On the first leg of your journey you are seated next to a friendly British woman. While you are very much a gentleman the closeness of air travel does not allow you enough room to properly cover your mouth when you cough, infecting her. At the next airport, she goes on to her next flight as do you to yours.  You have a couple hour layover and decide to go to an airport lounge for a burger and a beer. While seated at the table drinking your beer, you again cough into your hand. Moments later you grab your beer bottle with that same hand drinking the last of the bottle down while signaling for the waiter to bring you a fresh beer.

The waiter brings your fresh beer and grabs your empty bottle removing it from your table. He drops your empty beer bottle in a “bussing cart” on his way to collect an order to serve to another patron sitting on the other side of the room, grabbing a bottle of catsup on his way to the table. Almost immediately after serving the other patron his order and leaving the bottle of catsup on his table, the other patron grabs the catsup bottle, passing the virus from the waiter to the new patron. My point is, were someone to become infected they would have numerous opportunities to pass the virus from themselves to many other people. How many people do you think an active business traveler interacts with during their flights here, there, and everywhere?

The Ebola Virus has a 21 day incubation period. This means that you could possibly carry this terrible infection with you for 21 days, infecting others without even knowing you are sick. Suddenly the world is in a panic as people that appear healthy one day are dying the next. Not just one or two deaths, but thousands per day. Out of fear of the virus, workers refuse to come to work, commerce falters, the economy begins to fail every where.

Do you you see the fiction novel becoming a best selling novel? I don’t. After the devastation created by the first carrier of the Ebola virus, madness rules the streets. There is no government. There is no police. It is every man for him self, hoping to survive. Survivalists have long since packed up their tents and gas masks heading for the hills away from any areas of large population . . . And, one of the larger terrorist groups of the Middle-East has accepted credit for making the Ebola virus that was tested in Africa first.

Sounds great for a fiction novel. But as reality . . . Man does this situation suck . . .

8 thoughts on “Are We Living In A fiction Novel?

  1. Rich – You are on target with this post. We also have a greater threat closer to home. Each time a non-documented individual crosses the border (we know which one that is) and crosses into our country, we have no known means of discovering what diseases they carry. We do know that children are being flown on commercial air lines without documentation of who they are and without having had a medical examination. What we aren’t being told is that we now have an epidemic of TB (NIH is electing to sit on the numbers but it’s rising everyday), we also have reached epidemic childhood diseases (if you know of anyone who has not had their children receive their childhood vaccinations for whatever reason, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO). The US now has 400 documented cases of leprosy. Although leprosy is not easily transmitted, 400 citizens now have cases resistant to all known treatments. The TB is the toughest strain any medical professional has ever come up against.

    We do know that it costs each US taxpayer $1,000 per day for each undocumented child that crosses our border. I for one would prefer to see those many thousands of dollars spent building a border so secure that not even a ant could get through. Radical, I don’t think so.

    Sure, my specialty for 20 years was white collar crime but the border crossings of undocumented immigrants has become a criminal action against every man, woman and child that’s a LEGAL RESIDENT AND PAYS TAXES IN THE UNITED STATES.


    • I can see where better medical review of people crossing our borders is a necessity, but I am not really with you on the immigrants crossing our southern borders. The US is responsible for the terror and carnage in the southern countries. Our War On Drugs created the cartels, the fear, the violence, and man,y many murders. Do not misunderstand, I also do not like our borders being breeched by anyone, but until somebody fixes the problems we created, these people do not have anywhere else to go.

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      • Rich – We differ on opinion here and that’s okay. We still live in a country where we are allowed to disagree with one another. The United States is broke. Actually, we are more than broke. If China called our debt right now, we couldn’t pay. We cannot take care of our own children, elderly and a host of others that need assistance. When a mother of 3 can get $9,000 together to hire a coyote to help navigate her to the border with her children; she needs to use that money and make the best of what life has to offer where she is. BTW, if there’s no way for her to feed and cloth her children, where did she get the $9,000? I know things are bad where they are coming from but life isn’t good here. In my opinion, we as in the United States of America do not owe anyone outside of its boundaries anything. We’ve been far too generous all these years and now the world expects us to take care of them.


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