‘Fire challenge’ injures teens


‘Fire challenge’ injures teens

There really is very little that can happen that will actually cause me to ponder the situation for more than a few moments. Killing, Rapes, Eating the neighbors dog, I have seen and/or heard of most of it. But, this one caused me to stop and almost consider something other than stupidity is involved. This has got to be a teenager IQ test in which if you do this, you have the IQ of a rock.

Our subject story tells us about some teenagers that have developed a new way to be extremely stupid. They are testing their ability to set fire to their own stupid asses and the IQ test comes after the burn. How smart are you now dumbass! I swear, how much dope do you have to take, how much alcohol do you have to drink, or how much rope do you have to smoke to be this incredibly stupid. I mean it would be one thing if you were out camping and it was getting cold and could not find any firewood. Or, even if you were broke without food between paydays, flame up Johnny.  But, to just set fire to yourself like you are a bunsen burner is just plain stupid. If you live through it, for the next 50 years folks are going to remember how much of a dumbass you are.

By the way . . . There is no smell near so disgusting as the burnt flesh of a human.  Here’s another take on the situation:


I tell you, you cannot get much stupider than that. Ok, maybe you can, but we wish you wouldn’t!

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