1st grade teacher: No desk for you!

This is not an uncommon occurrence!

1st grade teacher: No desk for you!

Our subject story discusses a School Teacher that made a 1st Grader sit on the floor because she drew on her desk. Stuff like this happens often, or at least often enough. As a child, ( I am talking about almost 50 years ago ) I did something to irritate a teacher and my sentence was having to sit behind the blackboard throughout class. This went on for about a month. My Mother asked me why I didn’t have homework and she had noticed my grades were dropping significantly. It was then that she learned of my being seated where I could not take notes, nor see the homework assignments.

Now close to 50 years ago, parents had a little more ability to get away with doing something they should not do. But, this was probably the only time in history that5 a middle-aged woman barely 4’ 11” tall walked into a classroom and grabbed a teacher by her ear and marched her to the Principals Office. I am serious. My Mother walked into the classroom, looked behind the blackboard and told me, “Richard, move you and your desk out here into the classroom.” She then turned and grabbed the teachers ear and said, “To the Principal’s Office” and drug her from the classroom screaming, and my mother did not let go. This is a true story.

Teachers sometimes get a little carried away with the way they treat students. Not often, but it does happen. If you can imagine the humiliation felt by the girl in the subject story, being the only student without a desk, then you can imagine how I felt being the only student hidden in the dark behind a blackboard. My humiliation ceased to exist after my Mother pulled the teacher from the classroom. The entire County knew of the incident before any of the children made it home from school. I remember the phone ringing almost all night long as parents called my Mother to here her side of the story.

Teachers have a tough job, and parents need to side with the teachers for the most part when it comes to their child’s behavior. But on occasion, the teacher needs the correction more than the student. Regardless, I do not recommend anyone follow my Mother’s example.

Why was I sentenced to sit behind the blackboard? My older sister was killed in an auto accident in which the driver of the car was the Teacher’s son. My parents had filed a suit against the driver for the wrongful death of my older sister . . . Yes, to this day it pisses me off when I think about it.

5 thoughts on “1st grade teacher: No desk for you!

  1. I have a degree in education and have been in and out of classrooms for a few years now. I have seen teachers humiliate students–which should NEVER happen under any circumstance. There should be reasonable punishments not humiliation. The teachers who insist on running their classroom in a negative way need to find a new career!!!

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    • Thank you, that makes sense. Discipline and consequences are one thing, this kind of abuse is another. The fact that she omitted that information when she e-mail the parents the consequences is telling…. and the fact that she didn’t see this as abusive is very disturbing. How did she get through college?


    • I am curious . . . I am of the opinion that elementary and middle school students are almost impossible to control in a classroom, and a majority of the class does not fear punishment. they also tend to test teachers almost constantly to see how much they can get away with. Am I way off base or head of the nail on this?


      • It really just depends on the classroom and the type of discipline (not just punishment) the teacher uses. It also depends on what the students are taught at home (in my opinion). From my personal experience in the classroom, I have never had a problem with discipline or acting out– I respect them and most of the time they respect me.


      • Thank you. A few years back I went to ,y daughters classroom and observed mayhem. I was hoping it was not normal. I discovered how much a brat my daughter was that day.


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