Rideshare, Taxi, & Taxi Alternative App | Uber

Hey Folks, have you used Uber yet?

Rideshare, Taxi, & Taxi Alternative App | Uber

If you are still calling taxi companies to get around town, you are missing out on a far better ride. That’s right folks, I am now a Uber Driver for the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to the other many hats I wear, I also may be your driver were you to use your Uber App to call for a ride. Wouldn’t that be nice? Relax, I am an experienced and capable driver. I am courteous and friendly both to fellow motorists and my passengers.  And, I will make every effort to make your trip from pick-up to destination as enjoyable as possible.

Enough of the sales pitch . . . Uber has a great idea. Before Uber there was a bunch of us running around San Francisco picking up fares in our personal cars making a pretty good income from it. Nobody was recorded with the City which was not really a good idea as I am sure some skank ripped somebody off somewhere and got away with it. But face it, folks liked the more personal service, cleaner cars, and friendly drivers. Uber has combined these things with professionalism and put together a pretty good idea.

Then Uber did the good stuff by adding a software package that does just about everything necessary to ensure dispatch, charges, payment, and customer satisfaction addressed accordingly. Seriously folks, it is a cool way to get a ride.

Uber drivers do not pick up people trying to hail a cab from a street. Uber drivers do not wait to pick up fares in cab lines, or sit in Airport, Bus Terminals, or Transit Stations. The passenger has to contact Uber via the Uber App that they download to their cell phone. Uber driver’s vehicles do not have any signage on them that says anything Uber and drivers maintain their cars clean and mechanically sound. I’m telling you folks, Uber is a great idea! Try Uber a time or two, you will be impressed.

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