Shooting victim ignored by passers-by

This is a testament to the lack of humanity in America today . . .

Shooting victim ignored by passers-by

Our subject video discusses how people just walk by a man just shot 7 times by some thug, not a single person trying to stop the violence, offering to help the victim, or even calling the police or ambulance.

Now, I may be a cranky old man, but I am very compassionate and caring for my fellow man. our society has somehow made thugs like the shooter in the subject video “cool” and find his actions acceptable. I just do not see it. What did he accomplish?  Did he cause the man he shot to respect him? Did he cause anyone else to respect him? Nope! All he did was cause others to fear him. And, it does not take a big man or a big gun to instill fear in others. As a matter of fact the shooter probably lost the respect of some that know him, for his ability to do harm to others without concern at all for the end result of his actions.

What is more interesting is the noting of a few prior incidents in which passers-by neglected to take any kind of action. The subject video discusses a few of such incidents and the failure of others to intercede or assist the victim. This is because most people are cowards that should have their nut-sack removed shortly after their voices start to deepen. Any man that can walk by an old man being carjacked and beat down by a youngster and do nothing, struggles with meeting the definition of being a man.

Some guy got famous for saying, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing” and it is a true statement. What our society needs is a few good men to not stand by doing nothing when others are hurt. Our society needs men of action that will step in and kick the shit out of the evil, sending the victim safely on his way. Our society needs some “real men” that won’t take shit off thugs to stand up and teach the thugs a little respect for human life.

Watch the subject video by clicking on the link above. Then, tell me how manly these thugs were attacking their victims? I see nothing at all impressive about any of the thugs in the video, or most thugs for that matter. A 12 year old girl could have committed the same violence, it does not take a man to commit such acts. “Look at me, the big-time thug.” Yeah, waste of human skin.

5 thoughts on “Shooting victim ignored by passers-by

  1. Disgusting and horrible! I don’t know that I could live with myself if I totally ignored any of these situations without at least calling for help! I just don’t get it.


  2. That is very sad, but I have a friend in UT who jumped in the river ( he and many other drivers) to help three kids and their father trapped in the car. What they did was a miracle. It was in winter, the water was icy, the car was on its roof… These guys are heroes. Sorry that in your story only s-holes happened to be around…


  3. So you would put yourself between the shooter and the victim. You know he would shoot you too. If I am unarmed, the only thing to do is call the police. And sure, that’s a crappy response, but I’m not giving up my life for a stranger.


    • But, at least it is something. Of course I do not recommend that people endanger themselves, or others. But, a cop, an ambulance, or at least act concerned. The first thug in the video, I would hesitate to interfere with as he seems quite violent. But, I would have at least called for help.

      Maybe I am just a boy scout at heart, but somebody has to act instead of cower and walk away.


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