Wisconsin biker dies after motorcyle hits bear | CBS 58 | Local News

As an avid motorcyclist I am scared to death of such a situation . . .

Wisconsin biker dies after motorcyle hits bear | CBS 58 | Local News

Our subject story discusses an accident in which a motorcyclist collided with a bear on a highway fairly well traveled. It left the motorcyclist dead and the story does not discuss what happened to the bear. Regardless, it is a hard pill to swallow when you live your whole life with all the dangers we face just being people only to be killed by a bear crossing the road.

I often wonder about collisions. How to see them coming, how to avoid them, how to survive them. I come up with the same conclusion every time. Some day it will happen. And, I hope I live through it. People think rush hour traffic is dangerous for motorcycles, I don’t. I find regular freeway and city traffic more dangerous. It seems when folks think they have room to move around on the streets and highways, they do, often not looking for that motorcycle sharing the road with them. No matter the traffic, riding a motorcycle is as dangerous as you make it. If you pay attention to your surroundings, traffic, and the rules of the road you stand a better chance of having a good ride than not.

If you live in remote areas with animal crossings that actually get animal traffic, maybe getting one of the many animal alert devices that allow an animal to hear you coming from further away might be a good idea. I guess you could slow down enough so that you would be able to come to a stop quicker should you encounter an animal. But, I do not know if stopping for a crossing bear would be a good idea. Sure you didn’t collide with the bear but he ate you instead. And if you were to slow to slow, couldn’t the bear run and pull from your motorcycle making you a picnic basket lunch?

You know what? I may know how to ride a motorcycle. I may know how to avoid traffic. Or, I may just be damn lucky thus far. But I do not know a damn thing about avoiding wild animals. The only thing I am sure of is that a wild bear can shit anywhere he wants and that has little to do with bears and motorcycles. If there is any motorcyclists out  there that would like to contribute to this story with good information regarding how to avoid collisions with wild animals, please feel free to notify me and I will set you as a guest writer to add your article.

In the meantime, drive safely out there folks . . .

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