Words She Wants to Hear | Men’s Health

The sound most women want to hear from a man is the sound of paper money being pulled from his wallet . . .

Words She Wants to Hear | Men’s Health

That got your attention didn’t it. Believe it or not, there are some women that care about other things than money . . . No, I do not know any of them. Contrary to our subject story I think the words most women want to hear are:

  1. Payday
  2. New Car
  3. Jewelry
  4. New Dress
  5. New Shoes
  6. Use My Credit Card
  7. Anything You Want Honey
  8. Life Insurance
  9. Sure Your Mother Can Visit

I am sure I missed a few, but I got a few of the most pleasurable words they want to hear. Would you like to know the words men like most to hear from their women? Here you go, my list of the most pleasurable words men like to hear from women:

  1. mmmmmppphhh
  2. It’s Too Big
  3. I’ll Be Your Whore
  4. Anything You Want Baby
  5. Dinner Is Served

#6 was left blank to indicate silence on purpose. Do not misunderstand, I love women. But, I just do not understand how the whole world revolves around women. “Bitch, go get a freaking job and do something other than play on your computer all day. And while you are at it, was a freaking dish once in a while.” I remember the days when women were happy to get a dish washer, vacuum cleaner, or new dishware as gifts. Now, it is all about cars, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and cash. I want a woman that gets sexually aroused because you bring a new horse to pull the plow. Or, a woman that does the things she does as a girlfriend, after becoming a wife. Mostly, I want a woman that doesn’t bitch.


Before you all go getting your panties in a knot; Please note the aforementioned article is meant as satire, humor, or as a joke. I do not actually believe or suggest anyone else believe any of the derogatory statements made above. I do not treat women any different than anyone else. I am a kind and loving individual that idolizes women of all shape and form. 

6 thoughts on “Words She Wants to Hear | Men’s Health

  1. I was ready to rip you apart for being a misogynistic bastard until I read your Disclaimer. The disclaimer is a good move, sir, albeit they’re too small. I suggest you write them in the biggest fonts in this post.


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