Are We Blind To This Threat?

Our subject story at discusses how Islamic Muslims have created their own society within Britain and now pose a serious threat as a breeding ground for ISIS terrorists.

Are we blind to this threat? Here in America we are missing the threat we have exposed ourselves to. We have since the beginning of our Constitution, believed in freedom of religion. For the most part this works. But, what if we immigrate a religion that seeks the downfall of the United States?

When people immigrate to the US. we seek they pledge their allegance to the US, leaving their allegance to their prior country a thing of the past. What we do not do is seek they leave their religion behind. Why? Because we do not believe there is a religion that threatens our way of life. But, there is . . .

The Islamic Religion practiced world wide in mosques by people from the countries of the middle-east is such a religion. And although these people have denounced allegiance to their country, they stand 100% in support of their religion. They will tell you how strongly they believe in the creation of an Islamic State, just ask.

There will come a day soon to America where the followers of the Islamic faith try to create their Islamic State in the US. At that time, every follower of the Islamic religion regardless of country of origin will take up arms against the rest of the country. 

Sounds as though I a hate monger trying to create a problem where none exists? Nope, not the case. Frankly, I enjoy the multi-cultural pot the US is. But, I also see clearly that we do not need concern ourselves with any particular country in the middle-east, but the religion from the middle-east. The Islamic religion is contrary to everything American, including freedom of religion. 

While we ignore this threat, the Islamic religion is growing in America, and right under our noses their army is being formed. Because we as Americans belive in freedom of religion, we have no way to challenge it’s growth and one day, just as they presently are doing to people of the middle-east, they will make Christians become Muslims or die.

This is a very real threat to America. The threat has become serious to Britain today and we may next be sending troops there to preserve the Crown. Maybe not today, but someday soon? I really hate the idea that what I am saying could ever possibly be true. But the threat is real. Frankly, this sucks.

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