Unpopular Topics . . .

Sometimes I pick topics that are unpopular, sometimes offensive, or ridiculous in belief. Why? Because you don’t. There are many topics out there that most of us think about, but due to political correctness will not openly discuss. So, why do I take the risk of losing readers to write on such topics?

You cannot consider a topic well considered if only you share your opinion. I have to admit, if I am in a particularly conservative mood I can be very conservative, sometimes to a fault. I read all day, by many different forms of media. I listen to numerous types of news media. I try to follow many topics to maintain being current as well as well informed. Yet sometimes, I still find myself leaning the wrong way on a topic.

Sometimes I find myself on the wrong side of a topic by choice. If I feel the media is failing to represent both sides of an issue, I sometimes play devil’s advocate with the opposing side. This is not because I seek loss of popularity, but because I see something others are thinking but are not willing to say for fear of not being considered politically correct. Political Correctness is way over-rated. the second you consider political correctness you begin the formation of telling something other than what you mean to say. I would rather offend you with my actual statement, than suppress my statement into a lie that should offend you anyway.

And while I may write in favor of an unpopular topic, I may not support that topic at all. But, some of you will. Some of you will consider every word I say as though it you very own thoughts, but still say nothing. This is the neat thing about blogs. I can be both sides of a topic and write both sides of an issue back to back for the sake of discussion, because I am curious what you, the reader thinks. This only works when readers choose to provide feedback on a topic. Sometimes this backfires as people tend to distanced themselves from reading when they run across unpopular topics that do not share their opinion of. A blog is the media that seeks your input on most everything written. Blogs are where discussion takes place allowing for an informed opinion to be formed. And, wouldn’t it be best for all concerned that an informed opinion be achieved?

I guess what I am trying to say is, you do not have to agree with me. You can believe me totally wrong on a topic. You may be angered by something I write, or be offended. Blogs give you the opportunity to share your opinion. You can agree, disagree, or tell me to fuck off, so long as you do so respectfully. 

I have a friend that writes to his blog multiple times per day. He is very opinionated and his readership has a love/hate relationship with his opinions, but there is no lack of discussion either way. His readers do not hesitate to challenge or agree with him on most any topic. Even I take the opportunity to give my opinion ever once in a while. I believe I am jealous of his ability to effect his readers so strongly that they share their responsive opinions. Not that I have not written topics that achieve such response, because I have. I would like to do so more often. Maybe I need to try a different approach to my presentation, or wear less clothes while writing. (Yeah, picture some short, fat, white guy sitting at his desk in his undershorts telling you a different opinion than your own. Would that incite response, or disgust) Maybe that would depend on the topic.

I have to go to work on my day/night job . . . I really do not have any more time to discuss this topic. Got’s to go now, see ya later, asta la bye bye, gonna vaminos,  . . .  

2 thoughts on “Unpopular Topics . . .

  1. Well, what I like about blogging is that it is a medium that allows you to express yourself honestly. After years in the corporate world, and trying to be politically correct, I found blogging to be progressively liberating


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