Life As A Uber Driver . . .

Well, I have been driving for Uber for just over two weeks. And driving for Uber is cool. I have not yet learned my way around San Francisco so half of the time I am lost looking for my way, but that will change soon. The problem of driving in San Francisco is all the other people driving where I want to drive. I swear, how do these people know where I am going so they can get in my way all the time? No, it is not really that bad, but if you cannot bitch about traffic what is there to bitch about.

The truth be told, this is a cool job. I run around driving from here to there, picking up strangers, making pleasant conversation, and dropping them off where they need to be . . . And, get paid for it. How difficult is that?

How it works is the consumer downloads the Uber App to their SmartPhone and after they get all their info set up creating their account, all they have to do is use the app to contact Uber. The consumer can either let the GPS tell us where they are or enter an address for pick up. They can also enter the address they want to be dropped off at. Then the Uber System sends the data to the closest Uber driver to the pick up point. The driver getting the assignment has to simply select “navigate” on their smartphone and then follow the GPS directions to the pick up location to find their rider. Okay it does get a little complicated when the app pins you as being in the middle of a 40 story high rise building without a street address but somehow it all works out okay.

I am having a  little difficulty with my phones GPS going “squirrely” on me while enroute to pick up a rider. On a pick up on Harrison Street the GPS sent me to Treasure Island and back while my rider waited and then canceled the ride. I have had about 6 incidents similar to this since last Saturday evening. But, I see the problem as my failure to know where I am and where I need to be without use of the GPS. It is easy to lose contact with a GPS signal. Buildings, radio frequency interference, and electrical equipment can disrupt the GPS signal leaving you lost without any idea which way to go. I would be better learning the streets than depending on a GPS to get me to and fro.

As for the money, yes you can make 5k per month working 40 hours per week. Doing so is not difficult. Just get out there and take the assignments as they come and you will see by the end of the work day you have made enough fares to give Uber their 20% and still make about 5k per month. But, you have to work it. You cannot decline assignments and you have to get where you are supposed to be without any goofing off. Folks will not wait for you to take your sweet time getting to them. If you take too long or they see you are lost waiting for your GPS to find you, some riders will simply cancel you and find other transportation to get them where they need to go.

Thus far my car has yet to do a full 40 hour work week, but not because the work is not there.  There is plenty of work in San Francisco while less in the neighboring areas. You just have to go out there and get on the job doing the Uber thing.

I will tell you about my Uber experiences every few days so you can see what Uber is all about and what I have to do to make a living in my life as a Uber Driver . . .

Oh, I almost forgot. Are you interested in driving for Uber? If so, go to and clck on the “Become a Driver” button at the top of the page. When filling out your application it provides you a spot to say if you were recommended by someone, enter “4n255” that is me. Do it, I get paid for sending you this way.

8 thoughts on “Life As A Uber Driver . . .

  1. I have a question, I applied and gave all of the information. A couple weeks later they told me the needed additional paperwork.. I sent it.. Then a few weeks later again they told me I need to now get my vehcile inspection by one of their places… By chance did you have to go through all of that? I have a clean record and I didn’t think I would have to go through 2 months of still “needing” paperwork. Why didn’t they just asked for all of that in the begining..


  2. Uber just came here to the Milwaukee market in the last few months. I’ve been driving a limo for the last few years (and recently started blogging about my exploits), but have entertained the idea of getting my own car and trying out Uber Black. I would say Wisconsin seems to hate business, and that has scared me, but if you can pull it off in the People’s Republic of California, I think Wisconsin should be a piece of cake! Good luck with it!


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