Scammers Targeting PC Users . . .

Pay Attention Folks, this is important. There are individuals out there trying to liberate some of your money from your wallet. 

A gentleman with an accent of the middle-east is calling around telling people that their computer system is under attack by a hacker and he is causing corruption to the computers system files. He says he is with Windows Support. He does not say Microsoft in any portion of his discussion. What he does do is has you running applications on your computer that he claims support his contention that your computer is under attack. He claims that when you go on the Internet, your computer notifies their computer that your computer is under attack and that is why he is calling.

As you follow his direction he will lead you to allowing him into your computer by use of a remote access program. He will then take control of your mouse and start opening different programs that he claims support his claim your computer is at risk. He will open a web site using Google Chrome if you have it installed and if you ask he will tell you Chrome is much faster than Internet Explorer. He will open MSCONFIG and tell you that the services that are “stopped” are stopped because of file corruption. 

And then, he will tell you that in order to fix your computer you have to pay to update your computer security system and you can buy a 2 or 4 year license at $279.00 or $499.00. If you tell him that you cannot afford that he will try to sell you a 1 year license for $109.00.

None of what this gentleman is true. His goal is to convince you that you really need his services so that he can get you to spend your hard earned cash allowing him to rip you off. Do yourself a favor . . . Anybody calls talking trash like this trying to obtain access to your computer, immediately shut down your computer and hang up your phone. Do so at the start of the conversation so they have limited access to your system. Hopefully they will not call back.

When you next start your computer, run your antivirus so it can find anything this guy may have used to access you in the first place. If you feel that there may be an issue with your computers security, call you local Computer Technician for service.

6 thoughts on “Scammers Targeting PC Users . . .

  1. I get this all the time. I just tell them I don’t have a computer and they usually hang up on me. I did have one interesting conversation with one of them… I blogged about it. Let me know if you’d like the link. I don’t want to spam your comments.
    Great advice. 🙂


  2. I do not believe it. This dickhead called me again. I promised him if he ever called me again I would climb right through the phone line and wrap my hands around his throat and shake the shit out of him until he choked on his own spittle. Then I hung up.


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