Uber Driver #2 . . .

People ask me if I really can make 5k per month driving for Uber. Well, Last night rocked! 

I live in San Leandro and make better money driving in San Francisco, but why turn down business that comes your way? I turn on my Uber Driver’s App shortly after leaving my home in San Leandro, picking up riders along the way. Sometimes this allows me to pick up a few riders going local to any of the surrounding cities. Last night provided me with riders from Oakland to San Francisco which is cool. Any time the wheels are turning that you are paid for is cool. Making your car run unpaid miles sucks. So, this run provided me payment for crossing the bridge to San Francisco.

For this trip I drove two Chinese Students from Oakland to down near the beach in San Francisco. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for a 50+ year old white guy to make a conversation with young Chinese men? I try to exchange some sort of friendly conversation with most of my passengers just to be friendly. Seldom do you find friendly cab drivers anywhere in the world ( I guess I really cannot say that ). I just figured I would try to be sociable and friendly giving my riders a better ride than some grumpy old fart racing around the streets. On this topic . . . Yes, it can be difficult to maintain a conversation with a couple Chinese Students but we made do. One of the riders was friendly and between the two of us we held a pretty good conversation. The other student was not unfriendly, just did not participate in the conversation as much.

After the first run I did a handful of local San Francisco runs. Almost back to back I picked up riders that were “Mental Health Therapists.” Now what do you think the odds are of picking up 2 wannabe shrinks from opposite sides of the City, damn near back to back? One million to one? And, both were women. Thank the Good Lord neither offered me their business card when they got out of the car. I already believe the rest of you people are making me crazy, that would only reinforce my belief.

For my second to the last run of the evening, I took a very charming lady out to Mountain View. This gal and I talked the entire way there. And, it was good conversation. The ride there went by quickly. I was quite impressed by this lady as she was sociable, intelligent, and even funny. She was a cool passenger. Most of my riders thus far have been pretty cool. Even when I lost my way and had to rely on them to guide me to their destination they were quite cool.

On the way out of Mountain View I made the mistake of turning my Uber App back on. “Ding Ding” another rider. This turned out to be a party of 3 way back in the hills in one of those tiny little towns just a short way from my last stop. Now we know I had no idea where I was going, but go I went. It took me no less than 30 minutes to find the pick up location and far longer to find my way back. 1 iPhone GPS, 1 real GPS, and a cell phone Maps app, and it still took me at least an hour to get back to the freeway.

Oh, back to the original question . . . Yes, it is very possible to make 5k per month driving for Uber

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