Do We Have It All Wrong?

Most people are of the opinion that the people trying to cross our southern borders are illegal aliens trying to sneak into the US. But, is this really what is happening? Give this a little thought. Picture in your mind your family living in some rural country and your parents that love you very much tell you to leave the only home you have ever known because they fear for your safety should you stay at home with them. And then, think of the fear you have being sent away to sneak into a different country with nothing but the small meal your mother packed for you and what you can carry. Think of the tears rolling down your mother’s face as she tells you to brave and be a good boy as she sends you away. Think of your father pulling you aside to have a grown-up talk with you as he slips a few coins in your pocket.

Can you see in your mind how your parent would handle this situation? This is what is happening in the countries to the south of us. These children did not ask to leave. These children did not want to leave their home and family. These children wanted to grow up like all of the children before them, in their own homes, in their own country, and with their families. But, they cannot. You see, thee is simply too much violence and terror for these people and they fear for their children’s lives. That is why they are coming to America.

The real problem is, nobody is taking responsibility for America’s involvement in this. And, it was by act of the US Government that this violence started to form over 40 years ago. You see, over 40 years ago we started OUR War On Drugs. Do Not misunderstand. We took our rules and laws and forced them upon nations that derive a significant amount of their economy from the growth and distribution of drugs. These people do not have the drug problems America has. They have a poverty problem. And, their way out of this poverty is the sale and distribution of the drugs we try to prevent them from selling. How do you tell a person that grows marijuana and coca  plants that he cannot sell them to feed his family? All he sees is somebody wants to buy it and by his selling it he puts food on his family’s table. But we imposed our laws upon their nation by giving money to corrupt politicians and did so in some fairly unsavory ways in attempt to stop the distribution of what can best be described as their cash crop. In doing so, we created an opposing force to our war on drugs.

The formation of the drug cartels is a direct result of our war on drugs. We created a prohibition in a region where there is a market for the item of that prohibition and while with one hand we Imposed our laws upon them, our people also brought the market to them. While our government was paying governments to conform to our laws, our citizens sought to buy the drugs. What did our government think would  happen to these countries in such a situation? What happened is the Cartels. We are responsible for this. We as a nation had no right to impose our prohibition upon other nations. And, we as a people had no right to ask the people of other nations to act against the law to provide us drugs.

Just so there is no confusion . . . WE are responsible for the terror and violence that has these people fleeing their homes in fear. We can fix this problem simply by removing the prohibition.

My Disclaimer: I DO NOT in any way support the use of any type of drug. I do however support an end to violence, creation of jobs, taxable revenue, and the use of education to teach and correct drug abuse rather than the Judicial System.

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