Most Jobs Suck

I believe you speak for an entire generation of men that are not yet men, but sooner or later will need to be. Hope you do not mind the reblog. Thanks

Mr. Johnson's Blog

There was a time long ago when men were real men.  They went to war, worked in the mine, built skyscrapers without safety equipment and sailed across the Indian Ocean before it was called the Indian Ocean looking for some place that might not have existed.  My nightmare job is any job that would require me to be a man.  There are still some manly jobs out there, all of which are still too manly for me.  Even with all the safe guards in the workplace, to me, it’s still torture to have to carry around stacks of wood all day under the blazing sun or frosty winter.  I look at those people and think to myself that I would rather knock off liquor stores for a living.  Maybe not rob liquor stores as it wouldn’t last but maybe something more cowardly like snatching purses from ladies of any age…

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