Is Anybody Paying Attention?

Man freed from death row: ‘No anger in my heart’


The heading above links to a story about two men that were convicted 30 years ago for a crime they did not commit.


Our society is filled with injustice. All sorts of injustice. But can you imagine being incarcerated for 30 years for a crime you did not commit? Think about it. You were a young man back then, with a future, maybe a family, and you likely had dreams. What is left for you 30 years later. Everybody you know by now believes you committed the crime you were accused of, you have no future, family likely has come and gone without ever seeing you, and if you had dreams you don’t any more.
After being incarcerated for 30 years, you know how to do one thing. You know how to be an inmate in a correctional facility. You know nothing else. You have no job skills, no job training, and even if you cannot be called one now, you ain’t nothing but a convict. So, how did you end up in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, and remain imprisoned for the past 30 years? Were you convicted because you are Black?
Has anyone been paying attention to the cases in which a person is being released from prison due to dna evidence or improprieties in the court case? Have you observed the skin color of the men being released? I may be wrong, but I do not believe so . . .  Every case I have seen lately like this, a Black man is being released. Why? Did we find it easier to convict a Black man for a crime he did not commit, than to search further for the real criminal?
How did we convict a man for a crime he did not commit. In some cases DNA evidence proves the person not involved in the crime.  In other cases it is the police doing something wrong, withholding evidence, or something done by the attorneys that allows the conviction of the innocent person. What I find most offensive is that when a man gets convicted wrongly due to act of Law Enforcement of the Officers of the Court, the person responsible for the wrongdoing is not brought before the Court to answer for the wrongdoing. I would think that committing an act that leads to the incarceration of a person for a crime he did not commit, as bad as any serious felony. So, why are we not holding these people responsible? Somebody stole 30 years of a man’s life, and nobody is responsible? Stealing 30 years of a man’s life is serious. I would think 30 years in prison for a crime I did not commit would be worse than murder just because incarceration is a sentence to a hell of it’s own making.
I really have not addressed the issue of Blacks appearing to be the people being released for crimes they did not commit, which in itself should bring serious concerns about the legitimacy of our judicial system. Being arrested for being Black is a reality for many parts of this Country, and now we are starting to see being incarcerated unlawfully for being Black is also commonplace.

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