Oh Boy, A Police Escort . . .

One of the things a motorcycle driver can count on is sometime or somewhere some dickhead is going to try to block his traveling between the lanes or cut him off during a lane change. My trip into San Francisco was a little different this morning. When I reached the San Francisco side of the Bay Bridge, I rolled up upon a Police Motorcycle Officer that was lead bike in our progression into San Francisco.

For those of you unaware, it is legal in California to share lanes, allowing motorcyclist to share the lane with a car. This makes travel by motorcyclist between the lanes legal. This morning our lead motorcyclist was a Policemen who told everyone failing to provide clearance for motorcyclist to do so by sounding his siren, and by knocking upon driver windows. The officer’s of which one was on one side of the west bound lanes and the other on the other side of the west bound lanes. The lead us all the way to the 101 North path to the Golden Gate Bridge where I jumped off at Mission Street to conduct business with the City Building Department.

I appreciate the Officer’s efforts as sometimes people tend to be a bit rude to motorcyclist traveling our highways. As a matter of fact, sometimes people are downright offensive. On my return trip heading east across the Bay Bridge a sweet grandmotherly lady locked eyes with me in her side-view mirror as she pulled her car towards the far left of her lane intentionally blocking me from sharing the lane. I wonder how she would feel had her being rude caused me to become involved in an accident that resulted in the injury or death of myself. It is okay so far as I am concerned, because “what comes around, goes around.” What people fail to realize is the person they harm by their actions have to do nothing to get even for it. Sooner or later, karma will get them.

I would like to thank the Police Officers for their driver education on the bridge this morning. It makes me feel good to see such support provided to motorcyclist. People may not give it much thought, but in an incident involving a motorcycle and most any other vehicle, the motorcycle will most likely be the loser. Of course the judge is still out on the Smart Car as some motorcycles out weigh and out perform the Smart Car by far . . .

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