Uber Driver . . . #5

Well my brand new car got christened by a drunkard the a couple nights ago. Get this! This young guy with a really hot looking honey and 2 other fellas get in my car. Everybody is drunk and having fun. The guy with the girl are seated in the back playing some serious “tonsil hockey” the other 2 are dosing for the ride home. Then all is quiet. I look back and the couple have both calmed down and appear to be taking a nap also.

All of a sudden, I see the girl flying from one side of the car to the other and the window goes down, and my car has been christened both in and out by the young man with the gal. I pulled over for a minute to see how the guy was doing, and then continued on.

GENTLEMAN, please pay attention. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, partake of alcohol to such a degree that you cannot think with your small head long enough to provide pleasure to the fairer sex. If you are kissing a girl passionately one minute and heaving your guts out the window the next, she may find it offensive and insulting. Now, let me explain. This couple were not getting carried away, they were just affectionate, and their conduct was not offensive or unlawful. You could tell however, that they were definitely interested in one-another.

On the way to their drop off point, they had me stop at a gas station so they could clean up the mess. They did a fairly good job except  the window had been rolled down while dirty pulling the vomit into the door. Even after detailing the car, the first time the window was rolled down and then back up, it came up nasty. Took me over an hour last night to clean it better.

I guess all cab, limo, bus, and rideshare drivers have to accept that sooner or later somebody is going to get sick in their vehicle. Frankly, I would prefer the sickness be drunk rather than a virus or some other medical reason. Booze you can clean up without fear of catching some “rot your brain” infection. Anything viral scares the hell out of me.

One of the coolest things about Uber is the transparency  the system provides. There are no strangers with Uber. All Uber riders have to use the Uber App  which provides creates an account. All Drivers have an account. So there is always a known value. There are no strangers when using Uber. In my opinion, this transparency is two way idiot protection. The driver and passenger are both known values, you cannot say you weren’t there or that it was a different driver. Its easier to conduct yourself responsibly when you can be easily identified later.

Oh, forgot the other night. At near to 2:00 AM I got pinged to go to a bar on Market Street to pick up a guy. When I got there I hung around for a few minutes waiting for the guy, then called him to let him know I was there. He came out a few minutes later and asked me to wait a few more minutes to see if others would be joining us. End result was an additional 3 people and this guy shoving money at  me as a tip. I tell the guy that Uber Drivers do not work for tips and tried to turn the tip away, but he kept insisting. By the end of the $15.00 trip he had given me $50.00 in tips. Oh happy day! Actually, I think I need to have this guy contacted as he was quite intoxicated and ask him if he would like the tip returned. In the spirit of the Uber policy on tipping, the gent should at least be offered his tip returned. I will talk with Administration or Support about this.

Okay that is all for now . . . Here comes the weekend . . .

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