Cops: Man ejaculates into co-worker’s coffee |

Are you serious? For real? You gotta be kidding me! Are there really people this sick in America!

Cops: Man ejaculates into co-worker’s coffee |

Now, I am not what you would consider conservative when it comes to sex. But, freaks like this guy are way out there thinking that “spooging” in a coworker’s coffee cup is acceptable conduct.

Let me tell you something folks. There is so much “free sex” available in this country that paid sex and unwanted sexual advances should not even exist. Rape in this country should not even be an option as it is not necessary to rape anyone to get sexual contact and  connections, and it matters little what type of sex act you are interested in. So why does a 34 year old man think that spooging in a coworkers coffee cup is the right way to acquire the attention of a coworker? Because he is a freaking idiot! He has no common sense, no respect, and lacks the intelligence of a gnat. Next he will likely try just walking up and jacking off onto a girls leg to get her attention.

HEY IDIOT, IF YOU CANNOT GET HER ATTENTION BY BEING A GENTLEMAN AND INVITING HER OUT FOR COFFEE, SPOOGING IN HER COFFEE AT WORK WILL NOT HELP YOUR CAUSE! What a freaking idiot! Now where do you think this guy is going to find work, live, or associate that his flagrant indiscretion will not be the topic of the day for many days to come? I mean, doesn’t anyone think of the future ramifications of their acts? Even he coworker will have people that whisper behind her back about her being the victim of such a stupid act. Did this guy really think that he was going to get this  girl to fall “head over heels” in love with him and start a relationship by spooging into her coffee cup? I guarantee, when she finds out what you have done, she will not like you at all, will never seek a relationship with you, and will probably become violent at the mere sight of you . . . Is this what you want?

I nominate this gentleman for the “Fucking Idiot Of Our Lifetime Award” if there is such a thing. If not, I suggest we start one and then recommend he be the first recipient of such a prestigious award. What an absolute offense to society this individual is. 

So, are you this stupid? Are you the kind of guy that would spooge into a coworkers coffee cup? Are you unable to interact with the opposite sex to such a degree that you cannot find a woman that will like you enough to become sexually involved with you? If this is you . . . I suggest you read a book, any book that will guide you to learn how to be socially acceptable. Regardless, keep your penis in your pants because sooner or later a woman that is a freak for your talents . . .

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