Facility trains children to shoot guns

This may likely be the best gun control program available today.

Facility trains children to shoot guns

People, regardless of age that learn about guns, learn a lot more than just how to shoot a gun. They learn how to handle, how to secure, and how properly use a gun. No matter what, a good idea. America is on it’s way to needing those guns in the homes of the citizenry. Our children’s children will likely have to fight the Islamic State as it attempts to overthrow the US Government and this war will be fought on our streets here in the US. Neighbors believing their neighbors by immigrating to this country denounced their previous country, do not realize it is not their country we need be wary of, but their religion. The followers of the Islamic Faith come from numerous countries, even America. We will have to defend America from the Islamic State in our future. Just think of ISIS telling us to “accept the Islamic religion or die.”  I hope such a war never happens, but do not think it is not a plan in the making. It is.

Even if such a war never happens, is there still cause for concern that we may have to quickly form and arm a militia to defend our communities? Is it possible that we might one day have to defend ourselves from our own government? Face it, most Police Agency is of the opinion that it’s no big deal to violate our Constitutional Rights, we have to prove they did before it becomes their problem. It used to be a police officer’s primary responsibility to defend the Constitution and our Constitutional Rights. Now, only if you force it upon them. And, our Cops are not the problem. It is those in government above them that dictate such abuses.  Is it possible that we may need to defend ourselves from our own government? Maybe?

It is possible that we may need defend ourselves from one of the many violent street gangs that believe they actually own turf in parts of our country. Many neighborhoods of our country live in fear of these gangs today, and little is done to curtail the violence  and terror these gangs produce in their communities. But, defense of your community could be needed any day now.

Yes, teaching children how to properly use and handle firearms is a good thing. Now, if we are only smart enough to teach them how to properly secure their firearms so that the firearm cannot be misused by others, it may save a life. Owning, using, transporting, and cleaning a gun is good information to know. But, knowing how to properly secure the firearm so no little kid or jealous boyfriend can find it and use it will save more lives  than any other training that can be provided. Parents taking responsibility to secure firearms from their children  so that they cannot become a school shooter  subsequent to a drama filled rage of sorts is always a good idea.

( I have to get out and do my day job, so my rant will have to be curtailed for now, but I shall return as I was just starting to warm up on the topic. )

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