Spanking isn’t child abuse; it’s common sense (Opinion) –

A parent cannot spank their child without fear of government intervention and/or penalization.

Spanking isn’t child abuse; it’s common sense (Opinion) –

When I was growing up you got spanked by the schools, parents, and even neighbors if you did not act right. That was how it was. You speak disrespectfully at a teacher, the Vice-Principal got a piece of your butt, and every one in school knew you got it by the end of the day. The note sent from the school requiring a parents signature advised the parent that you got spanked and why. We have taken this form of punishment away from the schools. In some homes if you did not do as instructed by the Mother, when Dad got home you got spanked. Sometimes if the situation warranted such you may get a spanking from Mom but for the most part as children reached their teen years Dad was the one that delivered the punishment. This has all changed.

Spanking is considered by many to not be an acceptable form of punishment. And today, a parent cannot punish their child by spanking them for their unacceptable conduct but the Court can take your child and sentence them to prison  for their unacceptable conduct. I am in favor of spanking if it stops the misconduct. But to tell me that I cannot spank my child who becomes difficult to manage just allows the problem to escalate and eventually the child will end up afoul the law enabling the Courts to stick their noses into the conduct of your child. The strongest opponents to spanking are children, and people that have yet to have children of their own.

My generation is responsible for this mess. Many of my generation said that “Nobody is going to spank my baby.” And, we were very vocal about the issue. It just goes to show you, experience is the best teacher. Our parents knew what to do when we acted like fools, they spanked us. Our parents knew what to do when we did not do as told, they spanked us. Guess what, our children get to act like fools and are not concerned with doing as that are told to. Our children do as they want to.

Parents that believe their “little Johnny” such a well behaved boy, do not even know their son. Little Johnny acts the pillar of society in front of Mom and Dad because he wants something. But away from Mom and Dad’s observation, little Johnny is a little “prick” that back-talks adults and treats other terribly. Think I am joking? Today’s child has not only learned how to manipulate but also do not truly fear reprisal if getting caught doing something wrong. The end result is, who do they have to fear when they do something wrong? The next phase for a child’s punishment is by the Courts. What about the local Family Services Department? Here’s another “Guess what?” folks. Family Services in most jurisdictions in the United States is the Courts. No matter how you look at it, the parent cannot punish their child for their wrong-doings, but the Courts can remove your child from your household, give them a juvenile record of misconduct, and if they chose to can take away their freedom. THINK ABOUT THIS A DAMN MINUTE! Would you really rather the Courts raise your child? If spanking your child would prevent his future misconduct and keep the Courts from intruding into your home, why wouldn’t you spank your child?

In today’s society there is not a single child that is not disrespectful to others. Oh, except your child? You are an idiot to believe your child is not being disrespectful towards others, maybe not to you because he wants his cell phone or the keys to the car, but he treats the rest of the world like crap. He fears nobody because anybody that should punish his misconduct cannot do so anymore because we all suffer from rectal-cranial inversion and let our children walk around like the world owes them something. Now, I am not saying all children are a problem such as this. What I am saying is if you think your child does not fit the aforementioned description, he does.

We are raising our young to believe they can do almost anything offensive to anybody. They disrespect their parents, the schools, law enforcement, and everyone else because we have allowed them “no fear.” We are responsible for rearing a generation or two of “raised by the Courts” children and we are allowing the Court to invade our homes and dictate how we rear our children. Why? Because we we do not take the  Parental Responsibility of correcting our child’s misconduct while a little spanking would work. Seldom did I ever do the same wrong more than once when spanked. That simple little spanking taught me that there were lines you were not to cross, acts the brought about reprisal, and if I feared anybody it was my Father as he was the disciplinarian in the household. How many fathers in today’s society even have the respect of their children? Look again, you can count them on a single hand.   

There is a dramatic difference between spanking your child and child abuse. If you do not know the difference, you are part of the problem. Learn the difference and make your child’s future a good one. DO NOT abuse your child . . .

7 thoughts on “Spanking isn’t child abuse; it’s common sense (Opinion) –

  1. Those in the latter category – the ones who don’t know when to stop hitting their children – are the ones I fear more than any. I don’t and haven’t (except on very rare occasions) hit my kids unless they were going to do something to endanger their lives. And that just goes to show that what’s important gets the punishment that gets the message across.
    Having said that, there really does need to be a limit to spanking, were it acceptable. Picking one’s battles serves to give the more severe misbehaviours focus – if a child is spanked for simply opening its mouth to speak, I believe the punishment would eventually be ignored or worse, misdirected by the child.


  2. Perhaps you have a point here about our spoiled children, but we are unsure whether this justifies the act of spanking them. For one, spanking is unlike other kinds of hitting, as it can leave a dehumanizing effect on the children, which can potentially affect their self-image later in the future. Perhaps we should find more civilized ways to punish our children instead of resorting to convenience and anger externalization.


  3. Hmm i’m not even sure where to start, but feel I want to speak up. Spanking is wrong, there is no way to justify both the actual physical act of hitting a child or the negative message you are giving the child. My daughter is seven, her worst punishment, the time out mat, where she spent how ever many minutes learning the extremely important lesson of how to deal with her emotions. No she is not naughty behind my back or in school or anywhere else. With the right education, knowledge and support there is no need for spanking. Shall I tell you what confuses her the most about society? When she’s at the traffic lights waiting for the green man, how comes the adults think that its ok for them to break the rules and cross whilst it is still the red man? Right there in that second adults are showing her that rules do not matter, lets spank those adults,yeah? For breaking the rules. Also how comes when she always says excuse me, please, thank you, when she minds out of the way for an adult, they blank her, again what message is this sending. Kids dont need spanking, society needs to open their eyes and realise the broken messages they are sending out to kids.


    • There is not a bit of what you are saying that I do not agree with. But, that is because she is mostly influenced by her concerned parents. Wait until both you and she meet “Peer Influence” that stuff that says your parents are not cool and know nothing of the real world. You were a child, remember when it happened to you. Back then it was seldom children got waylaid by their peers. Now it is an everyday battle. Our whole society needs to relearn responsibility and respect. I do not support any kind of abuse, but a spanking to get the child’s attention to the fact that their conduct is unacceptable is far better than letting the first discipline that can be given to your child by law in this country is by the Courts. And, that is my point. You are the parent, why are you letting the Courts decide anything? If anything, when you kid is serving time in the local jail and your kid asks why didn’t you spank me? What are you going to say? “I didn’t love you enough to do spank you to stop your conduct.” Give me a break. Have you ever raised a teenager? I am sorry I am not intending to sound offensive. You see I have my daughter that is convinced that the world completely revolves around her, that listens to no-one but her peer group, and is now too old for me to spank in my ear while I am trying to type. Trust me, spank but do not abuse, before they drive you over the edge.


  4. I think you hit on a key issue here Rich which is respect! The children of today are becoming more and more disrespectful of all authority. They are empowered by their parents to think they are an equal or a buddy. Parents are not supposed to be a buddy to their children. They don’t run the household but too many parents allow them to do so! They have become little princesses and princes. We should show them the way to go and if they don’t want to take that route then sometimes, yes, it might take a spanking to show them that road they are to travel. Sometimes it is the only attention getter that works. All kids are different and respond in different ways but all need to show the respect to parents and others in authority before it’s too late. Great post Rich!


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