Lawsuit: Victim of alleged school rape was used as bait –

WTF is this. What are these people thinking with! 

Lawsuit: Victim of alleged school rape was used as bait –

First of all a 14 year old “special needs” student cannot consent to being used as bait for any form of investigation. Were the girl’s parents notified and was it discussed with them? Did School Administrators discuss the invest5igation with local Law Enforcement? This is ridiculous, and should never of happened. Absolutely every participant in this situation should be fired and be subjected to civil suit by the victim.

Do you ever wonder if your kids can be put in danger by School Officials? You should not have to, because it should never happen. Regardless the circumstance, IT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN! This should have been properly investigated. A undercover officer that fit the criteria or at least an adult (over 18 years of age) volunteer should have been introduced to the school as a new special needs student to participate in this investigation. At NO TIME should a 14 year old special needs or even regular student be subjected to the danger involved.

This is just too damn offensive to even consider acceptable. FIRE EVERY PARTICIPANT, up to and including the top person of any law enforcement agency involved. If I was the child’s parent, I would finish my education of the rapist after he finished his chores with each and every adult  involved in placing my child in this danger. Re-read that sentence if you failed to understand what I actually said. The adults, school officials, and everyone that allowed the child with the history of sexual offense to continue going to school with other children and not protect those other children from his predatory conduct, are nothing less than  conspirators of the crime. Every public official that has allowed to ongoing employment and promotions of the involved school officials needs to be fired and run out of town, or prosecuted.

WTF kind of back-ass-ward country do these people live in that allows everyone involved to get away with their involvement, including the rapist? Were I the parent, not a single person involved would be able to sleep at night.

One thought on “Lawsuit: Victim of alleged school rape was used as bait –

  1. This story is so sad. It always amazes me how the school is never able to answer questions about your child. They never see anything or know anything. That to me, is unacceptable. About a year ago, a 14-year old autistic boy walked right out of the front door of the school. He was kidnapped and later found dead. Was the school held responsible? Maybe? But the point is, WHO is supposed to be watching our children? Why is it okay for the school to respond with “I don’t know.” It’s just as bad that these crimes happen to children without autism, so how in the world are they happening to these autistic children? I feel so bad for all of the children involved as well as their parents.


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