are you following me?

Thank You

The Honking Goose

This is a public service announcement.  If you are following my blog, but have no intention of reading my posts, please unfollow me now.

Prior to the evolution of social media, following someone who you didn’t know was totally creepy and potentially dangerous to the person being followed.  My, how things have changed.  Now people collect followers, on purpose.  It’s a thing.

I’m wary about collecting followers on WordPress.  I want followers of course, because I want people to read my blog.  But followers who are trolling for follow backs are not my friends.  That method of following just to get follow backs happens constantly on Twitter.  That’s probably where it originated.  And now I’m wondering if people on WordPress may be doing it too.  Which is lame.  But then again, I have no proof, just an unsubstantiated suspicion.

For instance, while I was typing this, a user named Opinionated…

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