FBI: Mass shootings occurring more frequently – CNN.com

This story will make you think about if it is safe to go outside, during the day . . .

FBI: Mass shootings occurring more frequently – CNN.com

Over a year ago I said that these types of incidents were occurring more often. My friends argued that they were not happening more often, just reaching the media more than previously. Like I cannot count?

Anyway, when you think of more than one of this type incident per month, almost all during the daylight hours, does it not make you wonder if you should leave the safety of your home during the day? Should we go into the office? She we allow our children to attend school? Should we go to the fair, fast food restaurants, or the Post Office? Where is safe?

When these types of incidents started years ago, I thought it was mostly caused by the shooter’s retaliation against bullies. Then it looked like the shooter’s were retaliating against mean bosses/supervisors. And, then possibly love gone wrong. But, I was wrong. The one thing all these incidents have in common is these people want to be noticed. They want attention. And, they all feel like they have been somehow treated unfairly by somebody.

Today’s society seems to want to take advantage of people. The people you trust to treat you fairly, do not. People that claim to be your friends back-stab you without a second thought. Loyalty is no longer in most people’s vocabulary. Every where you turn, somebody is preying on somebody. All of these people fail to concern themselves with the possibility of reprisal for their acts.

What I do not understand is why shoot other people. I mean if one person does you wrong, you would want to shoot that individual, not everybody else, wouldn’t you? So why do these shooters choose to shoot uninvolved otherwise innocent bystanders. The only reason I can think of is to bring attention to their cause for committing such serious an incident. I think more attention needs to be given as to what actually caused the incident to happen. I find it hard to believe that these people are taking such desperate actions without at least a perceived wrong of some sort. Wouldn’t you like to know if the act that causes the shooter to do what he has done, actually has happened.

The reason for my curiosity is after the shootings, shouldn’t we at least check to see if the shooter was a victim of another wrong-doing that they were unable to resolve? There is a whole bunch of folks out here with the belief that taking advantage of others, abusing others, and deceiving others is acceptable conduct and get away with it each and every day. I do not know if these are the real causes of such incidents, and I certainly am not a “shrink” that can claim to know the workings of the human mind. It just seems to me that we are focusing on the shooters as the end of the incident when we need to ascertain the reasoning behind the shooter and if the shooter had been wronged leading to his becoming a shooter. Shouldn’t we go after the cause of the shooter instead of allowing the case to close with the death of the shooter? 

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