Cops: Uber driver gropes passenger in his car |

Is this a case of ignorance from the middle east, provocative dress in the US or, just a black eye for Uber?

Cops: Uber driver gropes passenger in his car |

Of all the immigrants that come to the United States every year, those from the middle-east seem less likely to conduct themselves conducive to US laws and social norms. Almost every culture from the middle-east is a rapist society. By this I mean, in their country of origin it is acceptable that women are raped and even gang-raped if not dressed a certain way, not under escort by a family member, or even just being in the wrong part of town. To us this is unacceptable, to them it is the society in which they were raised. I will not challenge their society as being less than ours, but rather, “When in Rome . . .” In other words, we we in the middle-east I would expect you to conduct yourself like in that country. And, when in the US conduct yourself as those in the US are expected to act.

Now we realize that in the US we have young women that dress quite provocatively. Does this mean they should be attacked due to the clothes they wear, or do not wear for that matter? Of course it does not. But still, is a child supposed to see all the goodies on the shelf and not be allowed a sample some of the sweets? We all know that to make unwelcome sexual advances to women is not acceptable conduct and doing so is not without consequence.

So, what I guess I really want to know is how this Driver was able to reach around into the back seat of the car and touch this woman? If you are a provocatively dressed woman traveling alone where do you sit? You certainly do not sit in the front with the driver? Do you? While there is no law that says you cannot sit anywhere you wish, why would you not sit where you would likely be safest? So, how was he able to touch her in any way from the drivers seat? And when he made his first advance towards her, why did she not immediately have the driver stop and let her out of the car and then call police? Something about this entire situation stinks and although I suspect a “rat” in the mix, the damage created by this incident is likely done.

Uber does run “background” checks on drivers just like “taxi company’s” and “police departments” but there is always one bad apple in the barrel regardless whom the employer. Uber  exceeds the safety of most any agency or employer in the transparency provided by the Uber Application itself. Prior to ever getting into a Uber Driver’s vehicle you use your Uber App to make contact which provides a transparency between you, the driver, and Uber. Everybody knows who everybody else is. You cannot get into my car and act the fool without fear of reprisal because you are linked through the Uber App system by your registration and financial records. The driver is visible to the public by the Uber App system by his/her registration and government documents on the Uber site. There is absolutely no way for either the rider or the driver to conduct themselves improperly without fear of reprisal. No Taxi service or even Police Agency provides this level of protection for a rider. Uber is one of the few services that says person “A” is assigned to Rider “A” and make a recorded history of time and place of pickup and drop off, all secured by a computerized log. If you were riding in a cab or a police car, you would have to remember cab\car number, driver’s ID name and numbers, car number, and date and times of the incident’s occurrence. Every bit of this information including route taken, time and duration of any stops, and time of completion is recorded by the Uber App for each and every trip made. Uber exceeds the safety of any other service out there.  So, WTF is this?

Is this blatant ignorance on behalf of the Driver? Is this a young woman dressing too provocatively? Or, a black eye for Uber? Of the preceding choices I would be mor3e inclined to believe that this is a set up black eye to Uber, by people trying to stop Uber’s growth and popularity. But, as I have no first hand knowledge of the incident I offer this recommendation to the public. First, if you have never tried Uber, try it to see if what I tell you is true. Second, the safest place to sit in a vehicle so that you cannot be touched physically by the driver, is behind the driver. Third, while it is acceptable for young ladies to travel about with less of their bodies in their dress than out, it is really not a wise choice regardless where you are and with whom. And Last, Neither Uber the company, nor Uber the Drivers want any form of harm to come to our Riders, nor anybody else. Trust your “gut instinct” and if you get into one of our cars and feel uncomfortable for any reason, ask us to stop and let you out and call for another car to pick you up. While I really cannot speak for the Company or the other drivers, that is what I would prefer you do. I know that were you for some reason making me uncomfortable, you will be asked to exit my vehicle and find another ride because I am not required to, nor want to drive while worrying about the person directly behind my back.

As with all methods of transport of people anywhere in the world, if traveling alone use caution at all times. You never travel alone when riding with Uber. The Uber Application monitors every step of your trip, and your Driver wants you to get from point “A” to point “B” safely.

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