Police interview Oklahoma beheading suspect in hospital – CNN.com

There are those in America that believe the United States is about to encounter a new and far dangerous enemy . . .

Police interview Oklahoma beheading suspect in hospital – CNN.com

Some folks in the United States believe the fanatics of the Islamic Faith  are working slowly creating an enemy we cannot see, us. They believe that like the plan by Bin Laden to attack the World Trade Center the attempt to overthrow the American Government and turn America into an Islamic State will take a long time to plan and put resources into place. They believe they have already immigrated a large quantity of people to the US to serve as an army when the time comes. They believe the most dangerous portion of their plan is starting already on the streets of the US, the recruitment of the American into their fold.

Think about it for a moment. Can you see your child as an Islamic terrorist here in America? How about believing in jihad? Can you see your child attacking our military forces from within? This is what they call the new and far dangerous enemy.  They believe that every weak-minded, every failure of our society, and every miscreant in our society is now our most serious threat. These people suggest that our Government, our Military, and our Judicial System has already been sufficiently infiltrated by their “sleepers” that all the Islamic Faith needs now is a few good American Traitors to help dismantle the US from within.

For the most part this sounds like “hate-mongering” or “Hating Islam” but they swear they know the difference. They know not all people from the middle-east are a threat to the US. They know that there are those from the middle-east that want to live in peace and look forward to a prosperous future. But, they still fear for the future of America, the America in which America is under attack by Americans for the creation of the Islamic State.

I seriously pray that the preceding never happens. I do not want to see our country torn apart, our lives destroyed, or the American Islamic State. But, if these folks are right, it is coming . . . and we are not prepared for it.

In this story: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2014/09/22/tsr-dnt-todd-isis-audio-tapes-threat.cnn.html  ISIS tells fighters to attack the west in their homes. You may not be scared by this today, but what of your children tomorrow?

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