When You Read Information That Is Bull$%^&

This headline ran in CNN MONEY on 9/16/2014: U.S. poverty rate drops for first time since 2006. It was an interesting article for absolute bull$%^&.

Our Government generates it’s poverty information based upon what it cost to live in the US back in the 1950’s, or some third-world country, surely not what it actually costs to live in America today.  If the Government were to want to present true figures on poverty in America they would make the poverty level $1.00 less than it costs for a family of four to survive in the most expensive city in America because you might be able to survive in some backwoods town in the Mid-West of America on $23,624. This won’t cover your rent in San Francisco, California. A one bedroom apartment in San Francisco can run you close to $2,000.00 per month easily. Anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area the cost for a 3 bed, 2 bath anything is going to easily run you a minimum of $2,500.00 per month.

When I was growing up children of the same sex might have shared a bedroom, but everybody had a bedroom. Now, families are forced to live in lesser accommodations than needed just to put a roof over their heads. To provide adequate living spaces for children, parents are sleeping in the living room and/or children are stuck sleeping with their opposite sex family members even into their upper teen years. Yet our government tells us that poverty rates have lessened.

Poverty rates have risen dramatically over the past few years, but our government is too far out of touch to realize it. For the San Francisco Bay Area of California poverty level for a family of four is likely around $50,000.00. And, that may still require food stamps to survive. This is where the nation-wide poverty level should be set for America, so that the Government could produce realistic figures to support their claims. Producing figures based on garbage and making claims based on those figures demonstrates the negligence of our government and the lies made by our politicians, and it does not even begin to reflect the actual statistics relative to poverty in America.

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