Why Do People Think It Acceptable To Be Jerks . . .

I just had an incident in which a forty year old man found it acceptable to be a jerk to my neighbor and it has me quite pissed off. Let me tell you about it . . .

My neighbor and I share our driveway and have done so without issue for a couple years now. Yes, this means that sometimes in the middle of the night or when otherwise busy we have to go move our cars around. But we really do not mind doing so and it has worked out fine. My neighbor is a Black woman, full of personality that does not take any crap off of anybody. She has two adult sons in local colleges that also live with her. I am white and come with my gal and her son and daughter.

There is a never ending flow of friends that frequent our driveway, either to visit my neighbor or my place. Everybody that visits has politely moved upon request allowing us access to leave or enter our driveway, until a few minutes ago.

I have security cameras on the property, one facing the driveway. I look up to see my neighbor attempting to exit the driveway, but she is blocked in by a strangers car. I watch her talk with a red haired guy in my front yard. I see him acknowledge her but continue talking to someone in my yard. I continue to watch as my neighbor waits for a few minutes and then gives up and goes back into her home. This is not right, nor respectful to my neighbor. Worse than that . . . How is it that a group of about 20 young Black people can frequent our driveway always showing respect and moving their cars as necessary immediately upon request, but a 40 year old white guy does not?

So, I go out front and ask the guy to move as asked by the neighbor. Although visibly irritated by my request he turns to walk out to his car to move it so my neighbor can leave. Then, my son appears on the scene and the two of them rather than move from the driveway they stand at the car talking. Again I go outside. I tell my son to get in the car if he wants to talk, but get out of the driveway as asked. That did it, yep that did the trick.

This guy gets in his car threatening me and talking crap about how he will make my driveway a permanent issue . . .  grumble, grumble, and grumble some more as my neighbor comes out and the jerk starts hollering how she should calm that old guy down before he . . . grumble, grumble, and grumble again . . .

What makes some people be such jerks when they are obviously in the wrong. My neighbor needed you to move so she could leave. You were asked politely at least twice and you still did not move. What makes you think that I have to be polite a third time? Just get out of my driveway. You need not threaten anybody. Just move your car!  Where do people like this come from? I swear, I do not associate with people like this. I really don’t.

4 thoughts on “Why Do People Think It Acceptable To Be Jerks . . .

  1. there are quite a few self entitled ignorant folks in the world,thankfully though there are many more pleasant folks than the ignorant ones 🙂


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