This Ebola Thing, Right…..

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The Ebola virus has now, if the news is to be believed, made its way to the USA. Seeing as the incubation period of Ebola is 21 days maximum, it means that the 4 or 5 Americans with Ebola have possibly infected hundreds of people, then those hundreds could’ve by now infected hundreds more, it’s a never ending spiral which leads to the destruction of the human race. Ugh!

But don’t fear too much. Because…………….EVERYBODY wants to defeat Ebola, EVERYBODY!

Even the elite people of the world, who are apparently controlling the world, want Ebola to be eradicated. Because if Ebola isn’t defeated, they themselves will be at risk. The “Illuminati” as people say, even they want Ebola to be beaten!

Not to fear. The hidden, secretive elite quadrillionaires of the world will be trying to have Ebola wiped off the face of their Earth!

Good news, bye!

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2 thoughts on “This Ebola Thing, Right…..

  1. The only thing the ebola virus might hurt in regard to those so callled elite men around the globe is their pocket. Yuppers that’s right, their money. Half the worlds population die out, you bet it’s gunna kill their profit margins 😀
    Apparently, Ebolas’ mortality rate is 50% in Africa. So thaat’s half thee population. But remember that this is an under developed country with not even a 10th the medical capability of any country like Britian or especially the USA, the former having already successfully treateed one patient with anti biotics. So mortality rates in the west are greatly reduced assumming we can handle the number of infected which are soon to be announced.


    • My dramatic story line ends up with hundreds of thousands of people infected at the same time, hospitals unable to care for them all, quarantine stations city wide, with the Military trying to herd all the ill up into one area for treatment. Of course nobody believes they are being herded up for treatment leaving the Ebola Zombies no choice but to attack the military by biting them to infect them also. Then some genetics lab has an accident creating the first Rhino that walks and talks like a man.

      Of course I am making light of a very serious situation, but I find it believable that a single person with the virus could expose so many, so fast to the virus that it would cripple a major city like San Francisco or New York hindering the ability to save many lives. Science needs to find a way to vaccinate the population to prevent the spread of the virus, not treat it after the fact.


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