MTA passenger speaks about bus altercation that he says the agency is ignoring –

Why do we allow this kind of stupidity to continue?

MTA passenger speaks about bus altercation that he says the agency is ignoring –

If you watch the subject video via the link above, you will note that this is just plain stupid. First of all, who is in charge of the bus?

  • In a situation where a passenger need be moved, who is responsible for telling the passenger to move? DRIVER
  • When is it appropriate for a passenger to tell another passenger to move? When the DRIVER is failing to do their job
  • When is it appropriate for a passenger to threaten another passenger? Never
  • Who is responsible to notify the police of an incident? DRIVER
  • Who is liable for criminal acts committed at the bus stop or on the bus? MTA
  • Who has jurisdiction over the bus and the bus stops? MTA
  • Should the Driver of let the combatant passenger back on the bus? NO
  • Was joking with the combatant passenger following the incident appropriate? NO

In a nutshell, had the Driver have been doing her job this incident could have been avoided. Had someone asked the passenger to move for the elderly person when the elderly person was seeking a seat, this incident may have been avoided. The fact that the Driver failed to say anything or do anything to stop the incident, is offensive. This is a fairly well film documented incident and by MTA’s failure to take appropriate action would lead one to believe that MTA finds it acceptable for passengers to beat each other over seating. And, the fact that no punitive action is taken against the Driver would leave one to believe that the Driver has no responsibility to maintain conduct on the bus or at the bus stop.

I guess what I am trying to say is that MTA is a bunch of negligent jerks that allow violence to occur unhindered, with support of the Driver. I would not ride MTA buses in Dundalk, Maryland for all the Tea in China.

And, even more disgusting of this incident: Nat a single person did anything to stop the incident. Everybody sat there watching as though it was acceptable conduct. Every person riding that bus, including the Driver, need ask themselves, “What if the aggressor had seriously harmed or killed the other man?” Of all the cell phones on that bus, how many called the police? Just remember, the next time it may be you under attack. And, you can count on not a single person coming to your aid in any way. Good Job America!

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