Did flight attendant disrespect Ranger?

Is it possible for any citizen of the United States to be this offensive?

Did flight attendant disrespect Ranger?

Our subject video discusses the ignorance of an airline Flight Attendant that refused to hang a military dress jacket in first class for a Ranger flying in coach. Before you go off thinking you know the correct answer, stand by.

If that Ranger had ask for his underwear to be hung in first class so they would not wrinkle, both the airline and the assigned flight crew should have done so. He did not ask for his underwear to be hung, but his dress blues jacket that was covered with likely ten pounds of service medals and other insignia of the US Military. Regardless company policy, the Stewardess (Yes, that is what they used to be called.) should have had enough common sense to take the man’s jacket and hang the jacket so it would not wrinkle for the duration of the flight.  For that matter, had a Private ( Lowest enlisted rank in the Army or Marines, or Seaman/Airman for the Navy or Air Force ) had asked for the Stewardess to hang their jacket, she/he should have done so respectfully.

It takes very little common sense to understand that when the passengers in first class are trying to give their seat to a soldier out of respect for his service to his country, you also might consider demonstrating the same respect. But, the Ranger did not ask for anyone to give up their seat, or ask for any form of respect be shown towards him. He simply wanted the Flight Attendant to hang his jacket so that it would not be wrinkled during the flight.

In my opinion, regardless by personal act or company policy, the Flight Attendant DID treat the Ranger disrespectfully. The Flight Attendant also treated the US Military disrespectfully, as well as the Country itself. We have a responsibility to treat our military men and women respectfully if for no other reason than they serve our country. Yes, the airline should apologize for this situation and change their policy accordingly.

I just know there is some “dip-stick” that is going to say “NO” that we do not owe any kind of special privilege to our military men and women. To you I say “STFU.” At the end of the Viet Nam war this nation did a disservice to every man and woman in the military. There were no Hero’s welcome upon their return. There was no support for our military. Our Military personnel were treated like crap by people that should have known better. Even if you do not support the military action, you still have to support the troops serving our country. Argue the politics with our government, not the troops. 

4 thoughts on “Did flight attendant disrespect Ranger?

  1. Show those men some respect! After all they protect everyone’s behind! And I am not even living in the US but feel such a gratitude for everyone who is serving and going over and protect all of us in doing so…


  2. Saw this yesterday in the news, saw the guy who offered his seat in first class to the soldier talking about it. I suppose she doesn´t like very much the people who defend her I guess, I´m sure she wouldn´t have been fired if she had hanged that jacket even against company policies. I´m quite sure they have passed even worst things I have done in planes and I wasn´t even wearing my uniform.


    • After experiencing the disrespect we were given returning from Nam, it is good to see our Country supporting our troops, even if the Flight Crew failed seeing the others step up is cool.


      • The Vietnam thing I don´t even know how the guys returning home could cope with it. I can´t imagine going through all that crap and then returning to my nation with hostile people actually spitting on soldiers faces. That´s something, at least here in Spain the people don´t even acknowledge you, they don´t even know they have an army that has been deployed to combat zones i iraq and afghanistan. So better not to be acknowledge at all than to get insulted. Knowing myself would have been quite a bitter angry person, probably get in more fights than I have been already because of that frustration


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