I Had to Google It:

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Wycked Truths

Have you noticed Americans use a lot of slang?  Our native language is supposedly English but try speaking to someone from the United Kingdom–you’re definitely going to have some language barriers going on.

I don’t know if I’ve just lived in an isolated world too long or traveled abroad too much but, when talking to people here in America, I often find myself behaving as foreigners do.  That is, I nod and smile and pretend I understand what the hell someone is saying (or talking about) when I have no clue!  It’s like everyone is speaking in code or some shit, man!

So.  Seeing as how I have issues with looking like an idiot more than absolutely necessary, I have been Googling some of the more frequently used code words and concepts.  Here’s what I found: 

  • BFF :  I’d originally heard this and though it meant “best female friend” but…

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4 thoughts on “I Had to Google It:

  1. Had to laugh out loud at this one, like BFF there are a bunch of others that I have no clue about them. I have to look them up just like you in google when people here in the internet abbreviate things. Know they have not only acronyms of everything but acronyms of acronyms. Plus add on top of that all the encrypted codes to put smiley faces or sad faces e.t.c. There seems to be creepy yellow faces for everything now a days. I got into this internet social media thing 2 years ago, so I´m quite new to this world, a fascinating one but as everything new it takes time to get use to it.


      • Partner, you wrote it and you did a right fine job of doing so. Take the credit and enjoy the readers. Some say blogging is hard work. Blogging is easy if you know how to write to catch the readers eye. Keep up the good work and welcome to the neighborhood.


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